Live For Yesterday

Slipping out of my fingers,

Absense makes the heart forget,

Remains of all you recall,

Spin down my cheeks,

Absorbed into pretence,

I taste us on the tip of my tongue,

Swallow it down,

There's not time for reason,

Only time to forget,

Everything I was to you,

Everything that could ever be,

Almost 2 hours have gone by,

Awaiting your return,

For you to make it all better,

And me never to learn,

You cannot kick a cat and expect it to come back,

It will stare you in the eye,

It will make you cry,

It will take the life from you,

Then it will say goodbye,

Remember the good times,

That's what they always say,

But forget about tomorrow,

Cos that's a different day,

It brings the most trouble,

And the least hope,

Live in the past,

Live in your memories,

Slip away in notion,

Tomorrow brings nothing,

Live for yesterday.