Knife of Incompetence

Does it all make sense to you?

All the words you spit out of your sour mouth?

Does it sound reasonable?

To spend just as much time on something that you despise

As you do one something that defines you

Makes you happy

Completes your soul

Calms your mind

Heals your heart and fills it with love

Does it sound logical?

To only be available two days out of five

And then blame students when they have other commitments

That are "purely elective" you croak

With a vile tone in your voice

You love the band, think its great

You support it

But you turn around and tell me that music

And writing

Are not important

Insignificant in the eyes of geometry

Trivial matters

Extra activities

Well, those trivial matters

Those extra activities

Those insignificant, non-SOL passions of mine

Are who I am

So if you say they're unimportant

Then you're saying I'm unimportant

Your student is unimportant

If writing is insignificant

Then I guess books are insignificant too

If music is so unimportant

Then I suppose movies should be silent

CD's shouldn't exist

Symphonies known 'round the world

Are just trivial troupes of dedicated players

I guess my dreams are dumb

How dare you try to shoot down my dreams?

With your bitter, cracked lips

Maybe, if you had the education of a band student

You would know that a wonderful thing called Blistex exists

For it is a must for a musician

And you are in dire need of some

Thank you for stabbing my dreams

With that dull knife

Slowly inserted into my dreams

So maliciously

The knife of incompetence burns my soul