Smothered by a Jagged Embrace

I don't blame you,

When I see myself I see it too,

Such a Jagged embrace,

Such deep expression of betrayal,

I stand alone and sink into the turquoise pool of mysterious whirling thoughts,

Sinking lower in my self pity,

Crawling like vines, from beneath your bed, my adoration coils around your bare ankle,

Draws you in, draws you closer, pulls you under,

Smothered with padded thorns, soon to tear through the fabric, through the wadding of pretence, it wounds you deep.

Yet you still trust my snide handkerchief dry your tears, tend to your wounds.

And I take you back in, smothered by my jagged embrace, blinded by your rose tinted glasses,

And you show me affection; you care for my tender exterior.

And you forgive me, and you say you are mine.

I see you are mine, mine to tear apart, and so the vine creeps back, and the thorns sneak through, you take it in the back, thought the heart, in the mind.

This time I won't let me hurt you, I'll stand up to me as you will not,

And never again, will you feel my jagged embrace,

No wounds I may cause, yet none I may tend to,

As I battle myself to let you be,

I will hurt you no longer,

I will let myself no-more,

It's not that I don't care; it's that I care too much,

For you more than myself,

So I will protect you, in valiant betrayal, so blatant in treachery,

Protection from myself, I do not help you, I merely counterbalance myself,

There may be good in me,

But what there may be, there may also not,

And nothing can be found behind my warm appearance,

But one things for certain,

Never again, will you feel my jagged embrace,