You can't see it but I can't hide it,

Isn't it obvious what you have put me through?

Why can't you see what is right in front of your eyes?

I can't hide my pain,

I can only avoid it,

But I won't complain,

For, who would hear?

Who would believe such things exist?

Only those released could truly understand

I will come through, as I am the only one who can truly see it,

I am the only one who knows the truth,

The only one to feel this pain,

But better me than anyone else,

I can handle it,

But can you?

The truth is out there and if you seek it you too will find it too,

You can feel it too,

If you look hard enough you can see the obvious,

But who would want to,

Regret is such an unfortunate thing,

There is no changing it,

Once you have seen it you lose your sight,

Once you feel it you lose your touch,

Once you hear it you lose your hearing,

Once you taste you lose your taste,

And once you speak it you lose your mind.