From the moment a true Rose is born

From the instant the delicate seed

As it grows

Is sternly taught to stand tall

From the second the petite bud transforms

Into a gorgeous, crimson burst of passion

Ambitious and determined to shine

From the minute the regal flower gains its thorns

The Rose leads a double life

In the daylight, sun smiling down, the Rose beams back

So fresh, so gorgeous

Everyone gathers 'round to admire the purity

The ruby glows

But when a storm sweeps on through, defined are the thorns

Pearls of rain slide down the Rose's fragile petals

No one's around to notice

But despite the pearls

Despite the sharpened thorns

The ruby glows

In the midnight hour

The ruby glows

In the blistering heat of summer's sun

The ruby glows

So beautiful, so sad

So tragic, so vivid

Such rich color, such deep roots

Such evident virtues, yet the Rose is

Victimized by its subtle vices

So stable, yet so unsure

Only one flower could possess all the contradictions

That blend to make the fragile hue

The deep crimson hue

Of a Rose