A/N: This is actually an alternate ending for a novel I'm writing called 'Yearbook of 1974', but I felt like writing this first. 'Yearbook' is basically a bunch of teenagers, who go to high school, deal with normal teen issues, and have a garage band that becomes famous. It centers around punk rocker James, and his closer-than-close best friend Kayan, who is a drunk. Both are orphans (James was adopted when he was twelve Kayan still is), both are 17, James is blind and has a guide dog named Sadie. In 'Yearbook', Kayan attempts suicide, but James saves him. This is what would happen had he died. I am considering several titles, please tell me which you prefer: Angel in blue jeans, rock n' roll angel, the day my best friend died, dealing without you, and do you believe in angels?

Chapter 1

James stood on stage, ready to play the opening bars of 'Go Crazy, Girl' on his electric guitar. The lights had not yet lit, the crowd screamed, but where was Kayan? James may not be able to see, but he could sense presences, and Kayan's was especially strong to him. He heard footsteps at his side, and suddenly felt Kayan's warm and comforting presence beside him. Even though he couldn't see it, he knew his friend had flashed him a reassuring smile. The lights exploded into brilliance and the concert hall came alive with noise.

Kayan flicked his below-shoulder length straight blonde hair out of his eyes, brushing up against the red leather dog collar he always wore around his neck as he did so. He flexed self-consciously. There were girls out there watching him, after all. The effect was quite impressive, considering he was wearing a red muscle shirt. As James began the song with his guitar, Kayan flexed out his abdomen in his signature dance move. The females in the crowd went wild, as he was wearing his normal way-to-tight blue jeans. James was in all his punker glory, chestnut hair the length of Kayan's all in his face, as was the norm, and kept up a steady backbeat as Taylor screamed the first few lines of the song.

The song continued. Taylor noticed Kayan wasn't looking so good. He looked slightly lost, was blinking a lot and stumbling. He kept placing his hand on his temple, as though his head hurt, or he was trying to reorient himself. When it came to be the song climax of James's guitar solo, when all lights went off except the spotlight on James, Kayan had to launch off his platform and land next to Taylor's lower one. He managed it, but only just. When he landed by the side of the platform, hands on his head and a pained expression on his face, Taylor leaned over to talk to him.

"You okay man?"

"Ya, I'm fine."

Taylor wasn't so sure, but he ran out behind James for the finale. The lights dimmed, went out, and the song was over.

Kayan followed James offstage. He felt rather faint, dizzy, and his head was pounding like a bass drum. His vision started to cloud.

He suddenly clutched his friend's arm. "J-James!" He gasped. And then he fainted.

When he woke up, James was leaning over him. "Kayan. Kayan. Are you awake? You swooned. Hang on, Melodie's getting the medic." He had taken his glasses off. Since James was blind, he wore dark glasses to prevent people from being alarmed from the fact he tended to seem to stare too much. They were frameless and pointed at the ends, rather like the old style jazz glasses.

"I-I'm fine." Kayan said shakily, uncomfortably aware he was sweating much too much.

James put a comforting hand on Kayan's shoulder. It was only seconds before Melodie (James' bossy punk girlfriend who basically led the group) and the on-site medic appeared.

"Heat stroke." The young woman said. "I'm sure that's all it is. You had better get him home though. Brilliant luck this is a home-town concert." She smiled.

"That'd be back to the orphanage then." Said Melanie, Melodie's preppy twin sister.

"I'm going!" James said immediately.

"I'll drive." Said Kusuri.

The three piled into the front seat of Kusuri's red Trans am, James squashed in the middle. Since they were all exceptionally skinny, this worked quite well. Kayan was breathing heavy and sweating even more now, and was resting his head on James' shoulder. James was worried. Kayan rarely got sick, excepting when he was hungover, and his gut was telling him it was not just heat stroke.

They pulled up outside the orphanage and James and Kusuri got out the driver side door. It was late enough at night that everyone in the building was asleep, and James used the key he still had to unlock the door. As he opened it, the phone rang. He dived for it.

"Hello" He said, breathlessly.

"Hello? James?" It was Melodie on the other end. "So you got there? Is Kayan okay?"

"Ya, we got here." Said James. "And Kay…"

Suddenly Kusuri yelled, cutting James off, "JAMES! I NEED YOU HERE RIGHT NOW!!!" James dropped the phone and ran outside. Kayan was shaking on the ground.

"He fainted again." Said Kusuri, "And I couldn't catch him."

James bent down to look into his friend's frightened eyes. "Kayan." He said, trying hard to stay calm, "Kayan, what did you do?"

Then, more franticly,

"What did you do?!"