Title: The Resurrection of a Forbiden Love

Authoress: Mephistophilis

Summary: (Yaoi)

Lucifer, a demon from the lowest depths of Hell, escapes into the human world, and what he stumbles into is not quite what he expected to find.

Aoife, a fallen Angel seeking revenge for an unjust judgment made to him that cost him his right wing. But, what he found is too big to handle, even for him!

Rating: Mature (for future contempt)


This story is yaoi: MxM action. If you get nauseous at sight of two men holding hands, kissing, or doing some other stuff, I recommend that you leave… Now.

There will be: Religious disputes, angst, violence, and a lot of weirdness. If you are a close minded person or get offended quite easily, I recommend you to leave.


A single soul dwells in the forbidden land, where no mortal has laid eyes on. Where no human has ever dared to wander in on free will. This is the place where the unholy and evil rejoice for eternity. Where the damned come to rest in a shallow pit of hate. Where the malicious and wicked enjoy the pains of memories forever. This is Oblivion. And welcome to this unholy place…

A tall lean figure walks out of a high-ceilinged hall, fancied in long maroon drapes, hanging from the unseen ceilings far above. These entwine themselves in the poles that go up endlessly to the ceiling, loosing them at half way up. His porcelain skin glows gracefully, like a phantom's skin, with the graceful touch of the Crescent Moon reflecting herself on the few mirrors hanging low on the drapes. His long silver hair falls on his shoulders, framing his perfect face, as the rest of his hair follows him like a shadow made of light itself.

He comes to stand before black wooden double doors. From the other side there can be heard rich laughter, like the ringing of a thousand golden bells. He places a pale hand on the doors, and a sigh escapes his lips. Then, he pushes open the door in one shift movement. A bright light spills from the room, blinding the creature at the door. The laughter stops cold.

Amber eyes blink, adjusting themselves to the brightness of the room. Faint astonished and enraged whispers can be heard throughout the room before him. With his eyes quite adjusted to the brightness, he enters the room and walks in. Along with the whispers, the only audible sound is the echoes of his heavy steps and the shifting sound of his hair against his black trench coat brushing the floor. Along the sides of the brightly light room are many people, all dressed in white, sitting on huge white plushy chairs, glaring at him or giving awkward glances to the stranger, fluttering their feathery white wings.

He comes to a halt before a single man dressed in white, but unlike everyone else in the room he has a long blood red scarf entwined all over his upper body, sitting on a plushy. Unlike everyone else who are sitting in pairs, or even more, in one chair at a time. Narrow amber eyes meet ice blue ones, sparkling in glee. The silver haired man closes his eyes and bows his head. "Why have you called me?" The room echoing his question, accompanied by another wave of whispers.

Golden shoulder length locks bounce as he tilts his head and smiles. "Come now… You of all people should know why you are here…" He said stretching his grin. Cold unforgiving blue eyes, locked on amber eyes.

The stranger narrows his eyes into a glare and replays. "Stop this nonsense! And tell me why have you called me here!" Gasps can be heard all over the room as his commanding voice echoes throughout the room. Patience long since dry, he clenches his hands into fists, digging his long sharp nails into his perfect pale skin. Knuckles white, narrow eyes, he glares at the man before him stop cold and turn serious, alarmingly serious.

"You DO know who you are talking to, right….. Lucifer?" His head tilts right and his eyes sparkle with anticipation.

"Yess…. Forgive me…." Lucifer answers with clenched fists pouring faint signs of blood and greeted teeth. "Mighty God, Oh Lord of all the Kingdoms in Heavens… In what may I serve you?" A faint ring of sarcasm on his voice. He forces himself to look down and with effort he bows low, his hair brushing the pearly white floor tiles.

"Ah… Now That's betta!" His face lights up again and he shifts in his chair. "Lucifer, the Devil of all devils…" He whispers low, a mischievous sparkle in his eyes. Then his voice booms aloud, making the echoes of his echo even louder. "…is here to join us in our little parade!!" Loud gasps and astonished whispers roll around the room. Then he breaks into a laughing fit, soon after the room itself seemed to be laughing along with him.

Lucifer's eyes flash and before he can stop himself he stomps his foot and said out loud in rage. "I did not come here to join you stupid club! Now tell me what you wish of me, Ammon!" After hearing himself by the echoes, his eyes grow wide but narrow back into a glare, but other than that there is no other sign that can be seen of his regret.

The laughter stops cold and Ammon's face turns deadly serious. A really menacing tension fills the room. Not a breath can be heard, apart from the rebellious demon's. After a few moments of awkward silence a low chuckle escapes the lips of Ammon. A sigh of defeat escapes his lips as they curve into a grin. "Ah… You have not changed… not one bit. Will you ever change? Is there anything I can do to get that rebellious and impatient demon from inside you, Lucifer?" His voice gives a merry ring to it, but his eyes flash with rage and hatred. "Feh! No matter…"

Ammon beckons Lucifer to come closer with a wave of his hand. Lucifer hesitates for a second, but decides doing as he is told. As he comes up the steps, he paid no heed to the nasty comments and enraged whispers of the others. "Come now, closer… what I have to say is for your ears only, my dearest…" Lucifer breathes in and holds the air in as a wave of astonished whispers rolls down the room.

Lucifer is now before Ammon, God, Lord of the Heavens, the Mightiest and Cruelest of them all…

God beckons him to come closer as he shifts on his chair. He does as he is told and bows, supporting himself with one knee on the floor. They are now eye to eye level, but Lucifer has taken the liking of Ammon's wings, studying every feather. Ammon's ice blue eyes narrow, his lips curve at the corners.

Lucifer can feel the burning glares at the back of his neck. He skips a breath as he feels God's soft hand slowly running to the back of his head, pulling him gently toward him. He whispers in Lucifer's ear, gaining a shudder from his slightly trembling body. "Dearest Lucifer… come and play….." Lucifer's mouth goes dry all of a sudden and his eye grow wide.

A distraction… in process.

A flaw… undone.

All those years, centuries, millennia! healing and sealing his broken pride, the pride he knew and cherished as a proud Archangel, were lost, broken, discarded to never be seen again in less than a fraction of a second.

A play… in action.

A dummy… set.

Ammon yanks his silver hair back, gaining a yelp of pain and surprise from the demon. He pushes himself up and grinds himself with an astonished demon, winning a broken gasp, muffled by hard demanding lips. Lucifer's eyes close tight and he struggles, only winning a moan from the one that's covering his mouth and pinning him with an arm on his back.

Ammon pushes Lucifer away from him with a satisfied smirk in his maroon lips, blood covered lips. Then he sits back and licks away the remaining blood. Lucifer falls flat on his back, hitting his head in the process. The room swirls around in his mind's eye, and every sound, other than a high pitched ringing, is muffled out. He blinks but his sight does not improve. He tries to sit up, but only got more dizzy.

He now can hear muffled laughter, and a booming voice said with glee: "Come now, Lucifer, why so sour? Never tasted your own blood before?" And even more laughter can be heard after this words were spoken.

His silver hair, messed up because of the yanks, falls on his eyes. A clear maroon line is visible coming down from the corner of his mouth, tracing his neck, cause of a bite from struggling. Lucifer struggles to sit up and spit's a mouthful of his blood. He glares at the shifting figure that's supposed to be Ammon. With half his head back on his shoulders, he struggles to stand.

Another comment made by Ammon, ignored by the ringing in his head, made the people in the room roar with laughter.

Once up on his feet, he balances himself and turns toward the double doors. The ringing subsides and he can hear the rushing gossip of the crowd all around him as he stumbles toward the exit, since his sight hasn't improved.

As he reaches the doors and pulls them open he can hear the booming voice of Ammon calling him, bidding him to stop. As Lucifer turns his head to the side, not bothering to look, he listens. His mocking voice clear. "Come again, my dearest! Go, and don't be a stranger, now…" And with that Lucifer glares at the black wood before him and steps out. He pulls close the doors with rage, shutting out the angels' laughter, and probably leaving a few hours of struggle to open it up again for the angles.

Authoress' Rambling...?

Nay: Hello! This is a new story that came out of nowhere. This one's supposed to be better than the other ones, since the others went sour….

Meph: And who exactly is there to blame?

Nay: What r u talkin about?

Meph: this one's gonna b great!

Nay: I know…. I'm writing it!

Meph: uh.. No. It's mine. You know that. You had ur chance with the broken heart and Death angel one….

Nay: Hey! What ya mean?! This is mine! makes a death lock on the script

Meph: Feh! Yeah right. kicks Nay away and pulls the script Thaaank you. This is mine.

Nay: sniff sniff Hey…. U meanny! Aishii!! Mephy's being mean again!!

Meph: Oh…. She's the other one…. She won't be of any help to u… ((laughs at unknown joke))

Nay: What ya mean?! where's Aishii? What u've done to her?!!?

Meph: oh…? ((points and laughs at Aishii))

Aishii: ((in fetal position rocking back and forth)) I am not straight….. I'm not straight…… I'm not straight……

Nay: No…. u didn't….

Meph: yup!! I should her pictures of naked men!!

Nay: You insensitive jerk!! whacks him on the head

Meph: hehe… ow… heh…. U wanna see pics of naked ppl?

Nay: O.O NO!!! .

Meph: ((opens porn pages))

Nay: Q,x ((faints))

Aishii:… I'm not straight I'm not straight…..

Meph: Now… were was I? Oh yes. I'm the one who wrote this one. So, its' supposed to be better than theirs looks at rocking Aishii and Nay choking on her own drool Yup. Way better.