"All these hills and fields.... do they ever end?" Her eyes sparkled as she swept them over the vast rolling hills in front of her.

"Only if you're trying to get somewhere." I smile and lean back against the giant oak tree that shades us from the blazing summer sun, my long dark hair falling over the bark.

Out one day, walking one day

Out one day with you, hallelujah

She stands up and looks back down at me, "Will you ever go back?" a slight smile is pulling at the corners of her mouth as she holds a hand out for me to pull myself up with.

"Back to what?" I grin at her and her smile grows. I turn from her beaming face towards the forest. Walking gracefully toward the stream that lies just in the trees, I close my eyes then open them again.


We found a wood with trolleys on wheels

Rolling all around the hills, hallelujah

I kneel next to the stream and feel her behind me, watching. I don't turn to meet her eyes. Drawing circles in the water with my fingers, I look down into the shining liquid at my reflection. Too many thoughts running through my head.

She comes up next to me and watches my fingers in the water for a few calm moments. Tearing her gaze away from my hand, she reaches her own towards the transparent wonder. Her fingers roam the bottom of the quiet stream. Searching.

Her fingers close around a smooth stone that lies alone on the silent stream floor. Pulling it out of the loose hold of the water, she holds it out to me. Offering. I advert my gaze from the now many circles my fingers have created, and fix it on her soft and black gift.

And just as soon it had slipped into the sleepy dusk

And it's not very likely that we'll see it again

I stare, my eyes moving from the stone and back to the water. Glancing up towards her face I find her frowning at me. Assuming I do not want the present she has offered, she moves to place the dark stone back in the water.

Acting quickly yet carefully I gently extended my arm and grasp her wrist before it could reach the stream. Her thin wrist is warm in the cautious hold of my hand. I move into a standing position, pulling her up with me.

No words.

Out one day, walking one day

Out one day with you, hallelujah

We found a wood, we unfound a wood

And then we cried, oh no

Taking the small stone in my hand, I offer her a smile looking into her dark brown eyes. She takes it and I see a small smile play across her full lips. We stand, grinning at each other. I want to take in as much of her as I can. I know she'll be leaving soon, and I know that even if she does come back, I will have been gone for some time.

I step forward, leaning towards her and rest my forehead against hers, closing my eyes. I entwine my fingers in hers and squeeze her hands.

And please tell me, will we ever find it again?

In the depths of Trolley Wood, do trolleys still drive?

I feel her squeeze my hands back and I open my eyes to see her gazing into mine with adoration. A single tear falls down my cheek, and she unclasps her hand from mine to wipe it away. I smile through my tears and she softly kisses the tip of my nose.

Letting go of her other hand, I wrap my arms around her and pull her into a warm hug. She holds me tightly against her, as if telling me not to leave. I breathe in her scent and close my eyes, resting my head on her shoulder, her dirty blond hair on my face.

Gone for the day to the Trolley Wood

I've gone for the day to the Trolley Wood

The Trolley Wood is taking me away

"You should go. It's getting dark." My voice is weak even to my own ears, but I still smile as I pull back from her. Looking down at the ground, I put her gift securely in my pocket.

I close my eyes and try not to think of what will happen when night's knife falls. I feel her hand on my chin, turning my face up to look at her. There are still tears in my eyes and I blink them back and she smiles. Although the sun is setting, it seems as if the sun is still shining brightly.

"I love you." She smiles and leans in to kiss me one last time. I kiss back with every ounce of strength I have yet it still feels faint.

We pull back, noses still touching, "I love you." I whisper.

Just as soon as those words escaped my lips, she was walking towards home. Her home.

I wipe my last tears and advance toward the hills, the opposite direction she went. Intent on leaving silently and quickly, I start to run. Smiling. I'm finally free.

And though my heart will ache for her every minute, I have to leave for good.

I know where I'm going, I know the hills will end where I need to be. I run into the sweeping hills, knowing she will never find me there. They are endless to her, for she is not trying to get anywhere.

Out one day, walking one day

Out one day with you, hallelujah