I must go back to the Divine Island drops

Give me until Time itself stops

To let me see those long past

Go fishing and steer a ships' mast.


I must go back to the sweet scent kelp

Go back eighty more years without help

Let me go to the Islands, only Kami-sama will know,

Back to the sunset salty cod fish roe.


I must go back to the young faces of the old,

Where summers' swelter humid and winter's harsh cold

I want to return to taste the warm scent of home,

But here I stay in golden lands to roam.


Say goodbye to those who helped me along the way

A meaningless tussle in the fray

Yuletide wishes on royal navy blue

Onii-san, I say hello to you

Now I'm back where I began

Abeam to me, together we ran

Reminiscing that life, this life

All and everything in hapless strife

I must go to the Divine Island drops.



Onii-san Older brother