Lucifer's Gaze

She was staring,

At what she thought could be,

At what seemed like,

Someone so beautiful,

He resembles beauty himself.

His long, white mane,

Eyes like a storm,

That would pierce your heart

Till it bled.

It was so difficult to walk,

Hard to breathe as he stepped closer,

Gliding on clouds.

Fear overcame her,

Tears blocked her vision,

The warm air turned deathly cold.

She stepped away from him,

She tried to run as

Blood filled the seas,

As heaven spinned in circles.

The way he gazed at her as she fell

Was so cold,

She kept falling,

And falling once more

This is the start of a book I want to write about God's daughter falling in love with Lucifer. It kinda turned out to be a poem…this is the dream she has of him. Hope you like it!