Eternal Gifts

Cozy rays of sunshine

The soft yarn of my favorite doll's hair

Juicy, rubbery gum

My fingers caressing the soft fur

On my favorite, pink, stuffed dolphin

Steamy, entrancingly sweet mugs of hot chocolate

That burn my tongue and warm my fingers

Candy canes

Chocolate bars

Purple tongues

From grape Popsicles

Sticky fingers

Fragrant roses

Bean bag babies

Cuddly teddy bears covered

In soft, brown fuzz

Cold glasses of water

Late at night

The sweet aroma

Of cookies

As they cook, gradually, in the oven

A crown of daisies

Residing on untidy hair

Silky cat's fur

Innocent kittens

Imploring puppies

Energetic games

Of Freeze Tag

Lava Monster

Duck, Duck Goose

Dreams of wings

Flying, soaring

And clouds

Collecting seashells

Upon the softly rushing surface

Of the sea

Crackling camp fires

Gooey s'mores

Inviting hand shadows

Upon the tent walls

Rushing streams

Hard-shelled crabs

Cool breezes

And rippling waters

Pine-tree Christmas trees

Bulging stockings

Favorite Christmas carols

Playing on the radio

Painstakingly wrapped presents

And cone-shaped party hats

I'm a child

A developing teen on the outside

An innocent girl on the inside

Why should I give up these things

When I can still enjoy them today?