A/N: This was written for a young lady who passed away recently. I didn't know her personally, but we were both members of the same site and she'll be sorely missed by everyone on there ). So this is for CharmedRain - my sister in the Craft, Blessed Be xx

Charmed Rain

May the Mother bless you

May your footsteps trip lightly along the path of light

May there be green grass at your feet and blue skies above you

May the Horned One lead you to peace

May your voice sing out through the Summerlands

And reverberate through our ears

May your laughter lift our souls and your smile touch our hearts

Now and forever, one lifetime unto another, as it has always been

May you be without pain and without fear

May our prayers and best wishes be with you

But most of all, may you be loved,

Missed, but not forgotten,

Immortal in our memories,

Until we meet again ….

Blessed Be, CharmedRain, our lost Sister xxx

Love Anderen xxxx