All of us on witchcraft dot org were sorry to hear about the passing of one of our sisters in the Craft, Charmed Rain, and these two poems are a tribute to her. Even though most of us didn't know her personally, she was so well known throughout the site and so well liked that it came as a reall shock. We miss her loads and wish her well on her journey.

Farewell to a friend

It shocked us all to hear you'd gone

So far away from home

You'd walked your path and journeyed on

And left us all alone

You were a bard whose lyrical pen

Filled us with delight

We'll never read your verse again;

Time swept you from our sight

The flame that burned so brightly now

By cruel fate is extinguished

But still the memory lingers on

And never shall diminish

We your sisters, brothers, friends

Are forever by magick bound

Our love's a link that never ends

It keeps us safe and sound

May your journey to the Summerlands

Be free of hurt and strife

Until once again we hold your hands

And welcome you to life

The wheel turns round; you're one more spoke

One more star within the sky

The shimmering thread of life is broke

And we're sad to say goodbye

The Lord and the Lady are waiting for you

They're smiling as you cross

And we're wishing you well – we're smiling too

Though we're sorry for your loss

Your soul we know still lingers on

We hold it in our hearts

And though that vital spark is gone

Your memory won't depart

We'll remember always, hold you close

And there upon the wind

We'll hear your voice – that final song

That heralds your journey's end

Charmed Rain you meant so much to us

Your loss has struck us cold

You were worth more to us than diamond dust

Garnet, jade and gold

So we say goodbye, farewell, our friend

We'll see you soon, we're sure

We'll meet you at our journey's end

We'll be friends just like before

So take this poem, this heart-felt rhyme

And know we love you still

Your soul has shone from the dawn of time

And it always will

Farewell to our sister,

We miss you xxx