Lisa took the keys out of the ignition. She opened her brand-new green BMW's door. Her pink Prada high heeled shoes with a cute little butterfly on the strap (which matched her light pink skirt so well) stepped out onto the black pavement of the hospital's parking lot. She

You really want to know what she did next? It's gruesome and horrifying. It might change your life. It might just make you want to move as far away from this book as possible. Beware. I can't help you if you continue on reading this psychoness.

Stepped on a crispy autumny leaf from the tree planted in front of the hospital.

I told you it would scare you.

She walked up to the automatic doors, her shoes clicking on the pavement. The clicking only enhanced when she walked through the tile hallways of the hospital.

Her light auburn hair fluttered around her shoulders as she walked. Her face was determined in its mission. Her lips were tight, and her eyes were fully alert. She smiled at people as they looked at her, not because she wanted to, but because it was impolite not to.

She turned to face an elevator door, and she pressed the up button. She waited tensely for the door to open. It was still on the 7th floor. She went through her purse, looking for a piece of gum, a hard candy, even maybe just a pen to chew on; anything to get her mind off things. She searched hard, but alas, there was nothing.

The elevator door opened, and she stepped in instantly. She noticed there was nobody on the elevator, which was weird for a hospital of this size. She kept going through her purse, hopelessly searching for gum, even though she knew it wasn't there.

As the bell for the 18th floor rang, her fingers unexpectedly grasped a small square of bubblegum. She stepped out of the elevator, and popped the gum in her mouth. As she stepped out of the elevator, her shoes no longer clicked.

A dark red carpet covered the tiling. The walls were painted dark blue, and comforting pictures of waterfalls covered all the halls as she walked on. The lights were dim and comforting, but also depressing in a church sort of way. Like in an old church at a funeral.

As she reached the end of the hallway, she walked up to a rich, dark brown wooden door. Her fingernails clicked as they tapped the cold, metal doorknob, and she turned the knob.

She opened it to see a luxuriously decorated bedroom of some sort. There were expensive-looking Persian rugs on the floor, jade sculptures in the corners, a soft mink bedspread, and decorative lamps on every hand-carved mahogany table or dresser.

The left side of the room beheld a chair, hand-carved and made of beautiful blue velvet, of course. The chair held a man, old and decrepit, apparently in his late 80's. He looked up from his magazine and walked over to Lisa, his tiny, wrinkled hands grasping her in a tight hug.