Since I've been doing some poetry editing today, I thought it only fair to include one of my so the people I reviewed could judge whether or not I knew what the heck I'm talking about. This one was published in the 2000 edition of The Flagler Review, a lit. mag. my college puts out every year.

It's by no means a finished work, however, so feel free to critique, make suggestions, edit, etc.

Man-Made Evolution

I drive my pencil over her leg-lines,
Flowing down shadows,
Ebbing up her highlights.
I can render the stars in erased pin-pricks along her thigh,
And map galaxies with the curve of her calf.
I hiss trees along the S of her spine,
Roll rivers off her shoulders,
See fish and birds and lions rove,
Eyes glinting
In the darkness along her stomach
Eve, a handful of charcoal dust
smudged into the sins of apples and snakes,
Shaded low-key on rough tooth paper,
Sweating under the bone glare of a metal sun.


© 1999 Oakwood