The time has now come
When I must leave the world behind
Destiny is calling
And I shall obey it

My life is a tangled web
Of hope, misery and lies
But the time has now come
To leave this web behind

Without saying goodbye
I turn my back on the only love I have
Destiny is calling
Nothing should stop me now

The sun slowly rises
The rain has begun to cease
But the children of my soul
Are still burning up in flames

I look upon them and frown
For their ignorance brought them the end
I shrug and turn around
And leave them to wither away

My destiny is calling
Nothing should hold me back
Not even love, the only thing I had craved for
Nothing should stop me now

The time has now come
To forget those who I thought were strong
But I realize now
Strength is measured by resistance

I roll my eyes
And continue on the pathway to hell
Destiny is calling
I shall soon die