I need to stop pretending I'm smart-

like Barbie (except for the one inch waist)

with all her golden hair.

A childish illusion-I know, but

I still wanna play dress up

and put myself on again.

Where's my pleated skirt with

the pretty red bow

at the hem?

I wanna put it on my head

and do the chicken dance

in front of my mirror.

I suppose a "lady" shouldn't-

especially one

with the most fabulous of accessories.


hardly a day goes by

that I can be me-

no strings (or wires)


Me, getting all nostalgic and making a connection with Barbie. Just to restate this a bit better better, I don't view her as a blond headed bimbo like most people do. I view her more as a soul who has so many careers that she can't just be herself. Life pressures can make it seem like that sometimes, eh?


ps. The surprise will come soon, don't worry! :D