Guys, for all of you who have reviewed this story or have come to like it without reviewing, I deeply apologize for the lack of update. You see the editor, that being me, has just gotten a brand new computer and it would appear that some things may or may not have been lost in the file transfer. It may take me awhile to reasses what I have and do not have, but rest assured the rest of the story is coming. If I have indeed lost the files on my computer, I'll hit my darling Rae-chan up for hers.

In the meantime, look for new stories we might be coming out with. Currently we're working on a highschool story that, thanks to me, is as lame as the day is long . Rae-chan is the brilliant one, I'm just the editor. Keep looking for updates! We love all of our loyal reviewers! You guys rock!

- The Editor.