For thousands of years, before even the humans appeared, there were great herds of wild horses that roamed the earth. They were wild horses that knew the gift of freedom. Their days were filled with cloudless skies, sun-bathed land, and sweeping wind.

These horses were free creatures faster than any other; so fast that they could enter an ethereal state of flight. Their hooves flew across the ground, and their manes swam in the breeze. But some of these horses could do far more than mock-fly; they could ride the skies.

Stallions born with the Wing were revered among their herds. They were born at random, and it was never known why this was. But for parents to produce a stallion with the Wing was a great blessing, and blessed would be the life of the stallion.

These few horses were known as the Sky Stallions. In a herd of eight hundred, there would be perhaps only four. The remainder would watch, awed, as a Sky Stallion swept across the sky, the sun bathing it in a glorious light, a winged shadow cast upon the ground.

Yes, those were wonderful times. Times when myths were reality, when legends were born and peace reigned.

But then humans evolved. With the suffering and the pain they were quick to cause, the Sky Stallions began to diminish. Colts with the Wing no longer entered the world. The horse herds mourned for the loss, never to see sunlight spill from a Sky Stallion's wings, or feel a winged shadow cross their own back. Within two hundred years, the Sky Stallions were all but gone. And as thousands more years passed, their legend died in the memories of both horse and human.

The Sky Stallions were a myth, and would always be…