Sins of Blood

Soira sat, legs crossed daintily, in the middle of town square. A grin of anticipation split her face, as people milled about, unaware of her intentions. She was unnoticed, for now, barely even an oddity, despite her colorless hair.

Smiling, she stood, deciding that it was time. Time to bring death to the ignorant inhabitants of this small town. She glanced left and right, scanning the milling crowd eagerly, like a child searching rows of candy for his favorite kind.

Grinning, she spotted the one she wanted, and what luck? He stood barely a foot from her, meandering past on his own agenda. She reached out quickly, grabbing the large man's sleeve and pulling him aside, pressing her body against him, contouring herself to his form.

The man looked shocked at first, and stared quizzically down at her. "Wha?… What'choo doin' girl?" He growled.

Soira giggles softly, gazing up at him with her eerie grey eyes. "Oooh… I'm just looking for a little fun…" She whispered , licking her lips slowly.

The man blinked once, then grinned oafishly at her, wrapping one long, gruff arm around her, his hand resting unabashed on her rump. "Yeh?" He asked eagerly. "I kin shor it to ya."

He guffawed once, reaching out with his other hand and placing it roughly on her chest. Soira seemed unfazed, her eyes twinkling with excitement. "Oh…" She said after a moment, her voice strained with anticipation, "I know…"

It happened so fast that the huge man had no time to react. She wove her fingers delicately through the air, across his body, fingernails gently brushing against his skin. Then she simply smiled, stepping away. The man simply stood, frozen to the spot for a second or two, then collapsed in a spray of blood, his body simply falling into pieces.

Only one person turned away from the shifting masses to look, and her eyes widened with shock. Before she could even think to utter a cry, Soria was walking past her, casually dragging one finger across the bystander's throat. The villager's eyes went dead, and a jet of blood issued from her mouth in place of a scream. The body fell to its knees, head toppling from the shoulders, followed by a stream of blood, then the torso.

Someone nearby cried out, and the panic began almost immediately. People simply milled about at first, seeking the source of the alarm. As many did, they too becan to call out, and the crowd unanimously shifted towards the disturbance.

Soira blended easily among them, grasping a teenage boy by the shoulder. "Don't worry…" She cooed gently, then extended the fingers of her free hand and drove them, knifelike, into the boy's back.

As the hapless youth's cry went out, some dozen villagers turned to face this new situation, just in time to see Soira's hand eplode through the front of the boy's chest, showering a young girl in scarlet. The child's eyes went wide, and a barely audible whimper escaped her lips, before Soira descended upon her, wild eyed and grinning.

Soira licked her lips. "How unfortunate for you…" She crowed, grasping ther child by the throat, her fingers digging like vices into her flesh. "But you're it. It's something if a game I make of all this… every time I wipe one of you maggots from the mortal plane, I pick the next victim based on who is covered by the most blood." She tightened her grip, and the child's eyes rolled into the back of her head. "Fun, isn't it?" she giggled madly, then gave a forceful jerk. The child's throat ripped from her neck with a nauseating sqeulch, showering both Soira and the man approaching her from behind in warm blood.

"Come, all of you!" She called out merrily, flicking her wrist at her would-be assailant. A single tongue of flame leapt from her fingertips, instantly igniting the man's flesh. "Join in my game!"

At nightfall, Soira sat atop a mountain of mutilated corpses, leaning her elbows on her knees sullenly. Her clothes and hair were caked with blood, and her skin stained a dark crimson. "How pathetic…" She mumbled grumpily. "Not one of them was valuable. Just residents in the Perfect Dream…" She fell silent for a moment, listening to the solemn wind that swept through the desolate streets.

"I envy them…"