Dying 4/20/2005

I do fear that I'm dying

Even here as I'm lying

In this bed

I lay my head

I wait for rest tonight

As I'm in the crest of strife

And I lay my head

I'm nearly dead

I strain to live on

But pain keeps coming on

There's no relief

Life what's your beef?

I'm nearly there

Life's not fair

A kiss of hope for better times

When there'll be more fun and rhymes

Without a care

I rip and tear

Away my pain

Though it falls like rain

I'm saying "life so long"

To a time long gone I sing this song

There's no answer

It's a cancer

Blind the problem

My friends, I rob them

The unknown

Has clearly shown

Love has no need for me

Don't weep you'll see

Life's a zoo

I get the clue

I'm a whelp you see

There's no help for me

I hear them calling

I'm still falling

Sadness dawns

Sorrow yawns

I can't keep it in much longer

But I feel myself a monger

Of my feelings- ups and downs

I feel it sillier than clowns

To show my pain

It feels so lame

Time shows no avail

I've no more than failed.



Life goes on

To the end I sing this song.