Vocabulary Story: Kitty's Manor

Sheepy was in a rather perilous predicament. As he passed by the silent sentinel lion-dog statue, he could feel his wooly heart beating fast. He was chafed by how long it took to walk down the narrow, marble halls, being lead by the head tigress guards who had their faces concealed. Pushed into a room, the guards stood behind him, spears raised in deference, praising the name 'Kitty' at full voice.

The brown-furred, sleek Kitty stood up from her chair, her eyelashes thick and her eyes properly shadowed. Her tail moved in oscillation, silent and graceful. Her smirk was full of malign as her lips split to let out the words, "You are an appalling creature, Sheepy! You ate all of the royal flowers and now you must pay, you loathsome goat!"

"It is a mere abrasion compared to the ugliness of your palace!" Sheepy responded, shaking his hoofed fist, "Prepare to die!"

"Take your turn first!"

They both whipped out their ultra-deadly-lazer-beems-of-pastel-doom and fired! The resounding blast brought down the walls of the beautiful manor, the guards still standing upright, unmoved, in the pile of rubble. Sheepy slowly got up, smirking: he had finally done her in!

"Farewell, Sheepy!" Kitty suddenly called from the ladder of a helicopter, still alive and well, "We will meet again on the battlefield! Hahah! See you on the field of my victory!"

Her helicopter moved away across the sky, leaving Sheepy amid the dust to once again chase her down and finally reclaim his honor!