Prologue: A Sublime Haze

The light rain created a sublime haze around the delicately gorgeous girl. As she ran down a grim street in Mauve City, she could hear the soft sounds of the rain hitting the cracked and grungy sidewalk. She gently tilted her head back, facing the black sky, as the rain mixed with her tears. She wanted to go back in time, and change the way things had turned out. But she couldn't do that. She didn't know where to go; the only thing she knew was that she had to keep running, and she couldn't turn back- no matter what. The rain fell harder and the sky grew more ominous; the wind seemed to howl at her, the haze grew thicker.

She knew she could not go on any longer, despite her want to escape the city. So she found a bench in Wisteria Park, which was surrounded by hostile, ebony skyscrapers and abandoned apartments. The wrought-iron bench she chose was guarded by two willows, overlooking a small pond. It was the only welcome place she could find to sleep which offered shelter from the rain due to the trees, so she took her chances and decided to rest for a few hours. There was no sign of life around her- she wasn't even sure of the time. She thought the park deserved a better city to lie in; its beautiful ambience was worthy of being painted, yet it was surrounded by a dark, malevolent city full of frightful and dreary stories.

The girl curled up into a ball on the bench, desperately hoping that she wouldn't be seen.