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'I wonder what it's like to fly.'

I never knew this tenement hid such a grand site. All the run-down buildings look like wooden blocks. The dying sun bleeds on everything. Amazing, how much the sun bleed his life away until he is forced to rise again to repeat it the next day. If only I would have found this before, it's so beautiful up here. Oh well, my flying lesson is coming up soon and I cannot miss it again. Not again...

Gazing to the left, I spot my prison. School if you want to get technical. It's not really a school. School is where you learn. Nobody learns crap here. Everyone pretty much fool around and annoy the hell out of each other. The teachers don't do anything to stop it either. They all just stand by and watch kids die little by little in the inside. Sometimes they even throw salt on the wounds by joining in the cruelty. I pity them.

My father was my savior (Note the key word was). Now he's too caught up in crap that he no longer cares for me. Money is all what he has left. It doesn't matter. His love for me is gone, just like my dead Mom. Being President of Fear Co. made his heart so cold, so unloving. None of the money goes to me. I'm forced to like with my whore-like step mom who beats me to death everyday.

That reminds me, I hate my step mom. All she wants is a piece of father's fortune. Usually, she would sit quietly in front of the TV; drinking her Vodka. If she gets really drunk which is practically everyday, Stacy bursts through my bedroom door and slaps me. I don't know why, but don't worry. This won't bother me anymore. I'm going to fly out of here.

Maybe that is why the bird flies. Just to get away from the decaying planet and rise into the heavens. Glancing over the edge, I look down to see everyone having fun. I envy them so much. Cant anyone else see the destruction around us? I spit out the side, regardless of my gender. Nothing matters anymore.

I close my eyes, fighting the tears that should have appeared long ago. All around me the wind dances and whispers into m ears. It was if they were speaking in a foreign language. For a moment, this gives me peace and courage to do my "dreadful" deed. I stand there listening to their pleads when I lean a bit too far over the edge.

The wind screams into my ears, as if they couldn't understand why I did that. It tries to force me back up but gravity wins. I here other screams; people screams. Probably at my amazing ability to fly. Oh look, there's father and Stacy. They might throw a party after my act. I would too. The ground comes closer to my face, but strangely, it's so far away at the same time. I feel like I'm floating up with the birds. I let a giggle slip my lips before I plummet the ground.

'Maybe this is what it's like to fly.'

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