There once was a lemur who was always there

When the jungle was cleared, when the jungle was blocked off

Always willing to lend an ear

However artificial it became over the years

All of a sudden, out of the blue

The lemur hopped over to a different jungle

Came back for the occasional visit

Never realized how much he would be missed

And now we're left here all alone

Trying to find a smile in the night

Nothing to guide us to the right light

For the lemur was the only one who knew the stars well

And now the stars have disappeared

For he was the one who knew how to see them

He was the one that turned on the lights

Of the cold, bitter night

So the night is starless now and forever

For the lemur doesn't appear to be returning

He's found a more "relaxing" jungle to inhabit

And he's abandoned ours

So silent are the days and nights

For lemur's gone and out of sight...