All for a Girl

What happened?

Where did you go?

The one best friend who could convince a smile to show

Changing tables

Doesn't mean changing friends

Where did the old you go?

The you that I was so crazy about

The you I still wish for to emerge

So maybe

Just maybe

I could not be mad at you all the time

For changing so suddenly

Too suddenly

And I hate to break it to you

But it's NOT for the better

Talking to you has become so rare

Such an alien concept it has become

To sit down at lunch and see your face staring back at mine

From just across the table

Not across two or three

And the only thing staring me back

Is your back

So you've turned your back and are walking away

Or at least you may think its that subtle

But really, to us, it's more like running, sprinting and bounding

Through our pain and our sadness

You used to care but now

You don't even seem to possess your delicacy

Your jokes, your charm, your humor that made us happy

To totally capture one fine moment

And keep it all bottled up for so long

Is a waste of my time

A waste of your time

It's just a waste of time

So here it goes

I'm letting it out, letting it go

Leaving the memories behind

Of that night, that day

That time, that place

Where your reputation didn't even matter

And you weren't obsessing over another girl

You don't know just what it means

When you say such sweet, sweet things

Even if you didn't really mean it

It still sounds good to hear

Now all we say are awkward phrases

"Hey, what's up, not much" it's laziness

Will we ever speak again like we did that day and

WIll we ever hug again like the good friends we are?

Or were I suppose since you've kept your distance

I guess it's all over now, but I still think

This all really sucks and I don't want to say goodbye

So why don't I not tell you farewell?

Until you can finally conjure words to say to us

Because I care too damn much to let you slip away

I care too much

And apparently you don't even care enough to say

You're too busy looking and thinking of others

To even bother seeing what you've become

You're suppressing in your mind all our accusations

In hopes that it'll all just go away

But guess what, it never goes away

I'm loosing my best friend

I may have already lost you

Whoever you are nowadays

I don't want to stop being your friend

I want more than anything to work this all out

But somehow I can't stand it anymore

I can't take it

You're turning away for a girl

Leaving your friends for a girl

Ditching your friends for a girl

All for a girl