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Chewed Bubblegum and Messy Sheets

Chapter 1: Dream to Reality

"You realize it's just you and me, right?" A low, almost hungry voice muttered from a short distance.

"So what? Who cares?" The blond turned towards the brunette with lustful eyes.

A lump quickly developed in the brunette's throat. He carefully eyed the blond's slender body. His tight-fitted shirt was now slightly riding up as he leaned in towards the brunette, revealing his slightly tanned skin. He wondered if that was natural or if he actually worked for that tan. His short, spiky hair cast a dim shadow across his forehead in the amber lighting of the bedroom.

"I…I just…have to say…" The darker-haired boy's words were barely tumbling out of his trembling lips. He held his hands from shaking as the blond's soft hand overlapped his. It was strong and comforting.

"Then…say it." He stared him down with those eyes. Those endless blue eyes. Like someone stole the blue out of the ocean and captured them within those orbs that he called eyes. The same eyes that destroyed barriers and tickled the imagination of the soul. The heart of anyone could be easily swayed by such soulful eyes. And the dark-haired boy was no exception.

"I…I…" The blonde leaned in as the brunette couldn't even get out what he wanted to say. His lips were tense as they tried to purse against the brunette's. He put away his dark blue eyes and pushed his full body into the kiss.

The brunette's heart was racing as he felt the texture of the blonde's jeans rub slightly against his hand. He let the warmth of the blonde rush over him. He felt the throbbing sensation begin to pulse in his crotch and he almost screeched in realization that he was letting out his most darkest passion to the one he never thought he would.

But then it no longer mattered.

Cody awoke with his basketball jersey and shorts sticking to his body. His long brown hair was now disarrayed and plastered to his forehead that was beet red.

He shook his head to clear the thought. God…how am I going to face him today?

It's true. It's hard to meet face-to-face with the guy you just had a fantasy about the night before. Especially when it was about the most intense one you've ever had. But in a sense, it was probably hard to meet with him everyday.

Cody threw the covers off his body, having to peel the sheets from his sweaty legs. School awaited him. The one place he thought he could get away from all of this, but everyday that was becoming less and less of a comfort.

Sure Cody was the number one basketball player for their team. Sure he was also head of their debate team. And sure he was president of student council. But God forbid that that mean anything if they all knew he was gay. The world didn't work like that. Not here it didn't. Of course, he doubted it worked that way anywhere.

He dressed in a dark yellow polo shirt and dark blue jeans. He quickly combed through his shaggy brown hair until it had formed a nice shape on his head. He let it hang down across his brow as the bangs angled down to hug his ears. He took a look in the mirror and saw that his posture was starting to improve. He had always been a sloucher until he joined the debate team. So when that arose, he had to practice night and day to correct the bad habit. His pale biceps emerged from the shirt he had put on. He wasn't very muscular (at least to himself) but he did admit he was enough to play basketball. He wasn't tall either (only 5'8") but it was enough for his shooting ability.

Cody had arrived at school a bit later than usual. But that was okay. He managed to dodge conversation time with his usual crowd. He really liked them and all, but sometimes they could easily get on his nerves this early in the morning. So he managed to get to his first hour class, English…hooray.

Cody was pretty lucky actually. Lucky that the one person he couldn't stand to see right now wasn't in any of his classes. Well…that was considering he was a Sophomore. But that wouldn't stop him from thinking about him. Not to mention everyone talking about him.

"Did you hear that Erik broke the 800 record at last night's track meet? Seriously, only a Sophomore, too. I didn't think he could take on our Seniors like that…" Cody had overheard a conversation behind him between some girls. He knew their names, but recollection wasn't that important. Their annoying voices going back and forth between the two. Cody cringed at the sound of his name.

"I also heard Erik is running for student council president for next year…Do you think that he could…" The other girl next to her quickly quieted her as Cody could feel her pointing at him.

"Oh…" She tapped Cody on the shoulder, "Hey, Cody…do you think you have competition next year?"

Cody almost blushed at the thought, "What are you talking about?" As if he didn't know.

"I mean Erik Manen…he's running for president. Are you afraid he may dethrone you?" She giggled a little, but it only disgusted Cody.

"Who knows…" He felt his stomach churning. This was actually the first time he had heard that Erik may be running against him. What could he be thinking? Did he just want to drive Cody crazy? Of course…it's not like Erik knows how Cody felt.

The bell rang.