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As weary from her first day back in school as she was exhilarated, Trinity locked her precious truck up with a click of a button and walked up to the house. The day had been spent in a flurry of activity and she couldn't have been happier. Good had triumphed over evil again and, for a while at least, the world was safe.

Upon entering, the first thing she noticed was the smell. Grub-fest? She thought, wondering why no one had told her. She crept suspiciously towards the kitchen and peeked around the doorway.

Ex stood in the kitchen, wearing Airik's green and yellow polka dotted apron, a gag gift from Tarra on their four month anniversary, working busily over a pot of boiling pasta shells. His movements were nearly hypnotic. His usual airy saunter was gone as he moved through the kitchen, replaced with deliberate movements that dripped with control and confidence. His long hair gleamed in the light of the kitchen and Trinity's fingers itched to reach out and touch it. He looked beautiful, unearthly so and she felt her heart increase its tempo. She knew that she had developed feelings for him somewhere along the way and she hoped with everything that she was that he would leave soon, for the feelings that dwelled in her heart were sure to dwindle with time and distance.

"You aren't supposed to be here yet."

The musical tones of his voice jerked her out of her reverie. "Oh?" She asked, tilting her head to the side even though she knew he could not see her. "Well, it's my house, isn't it? That means I may come and go as I please."

Ex's head dipped forward, either in acknowledgement or to look at the thick, creamy sauce bubbling in the shallow pot. "Be that as it may, I was guaranteed another half of an hour at the very least."

"By whom?" Came her curious and suspicious reply.

"Shantarra." He said with a noncommittal shrug.

Trinity stepped fully into the kitchen and gave an appreciative sniff. "What's all this for, anyway?" Ex glanced over his shoulder at her and said. "It's for you, of course." Trinity looked up from the French rolls baking in the oven, "Me? Why me?"

His eyebrow rose slightly and he turned back to his culinary masterpiece in the making. "Trinity, please do not ask stupid questions." Stupid sounded more like steeew-pid to Trinity's ears and that brought a smile to her lips.

Deciding to be difficult, she selected a careless tone and announced, "I've already eaten, Ex. And Johnny has warned me about your shells."

Ex's impossibly long spine stiffened. She knew that she had hit a sore spot with her last comment. Johnny and Ex had nearly come to blows at the last grub-fest, when Ex had offered to make a dish of his stuffed shells and Johnny had adamantly announced that he would not allow himself to be in the same house as the "abominable shells". Ex had stuffily commented that Johnny simply had no taste and Johnny had retaliated with some remark about how his brother was trying to recreate their mother's famous dish and how it was a disgrace to the family name. Ego's had been battered, pride had been wounded and entertainment had been provided for the other seven member's of the Web.

"I know for a fact that you have not yet eaten, Trinity, as your sister informed me that you had plans to dine out tonight. Lying does not become you." Trinity stifled a laugh when she noticed that he said nothing about his heated dispute. "You're such a stuffy British man." Trinity said, almost affectionately.

"And you, child, are nothing more than an uncivilized American."

Trinity laughed, "If I'm a child that makes you a pedophile."

Red eyes cut across to look at her evilly and she simply smiled, blue eyes twinkling up at him. With a curse, he pulled her to him.

Trinity was not sure what she had expected. She knew that if, when she kissed him, her entire world would shift but even the knowledge of it did not prepare her. One hand pressing down on her back to keep her body flush against his and the other fisted in her thick hair, Ex brought his mouth down to hers. The kiss was rough; his lips were hard and demanding upon hers as he took what he wanted, damn the consequences. Sharp teeth clashed against sharper teeth as Trinity fought back, pouring all of her fear, frustration and hatred into the kiss. She was so caught up in the heat of it that she did not notice the taste of blood, all she could taste was him as she nipped at him. Ex, however, did taste the blood and angled her head back in order to search for more of the rich flavor. The kiss shifted and while the hunger and the need was still there, it was deeper, and in Ex's opinion, loving. His hands stroked her hair and pet her back, soothing and gentle. Trinity felt a bit of panic as she slid further into the kiss and tried to pull back.

"Sssssssssh." Ex murmured in a thick and husky voice, "I'll not hurt you."

"But─" He silenced her, dipping his mouth to hers again and she was lost. They stood in the kitchen, drinking in one another. Trinity was pliant and soft against him, her body molding to his. When his mouth traveled to her neck and his teeth sank into the soft silky flesh she let out a whimper and he pulled back.

"We need to stop this." He breathed, his forehead resting against hers. "If we don't stop now, I won't be able to."

Trinity swallowed hard and fisted her hands at her sides so she wouldn't reach out to touch his face. She nodded and turned to the pasta, "So… shells." She kept her eyes away from him, afraid that he would see everything that swirled within them. "What are you going to fill them with?"

"Damnation." He swore, pulling her against him again. She surged up to meet his mouth, putting a hand behind his neck and pulling herself up to wrap her legs around his waist. Ex let out a sound of surprise that was muffled against her lips and grabbed onto her so she would not fall. She put everything that she was into the kiss, pouring herself into him and demanding everything in return. Ex complied, allowing her to control the embrace and contented himself to drown in her. Her energy buzzed in the air around him, mating with hers and causing little sparks. He saw the fireworks and closed his eyes against the colors.

"I love you."

Trinity's eyes sprang open. She suddenly pushed herself away from him, stumbling as her feet hit the floor. She held up a hand, stilling him as he moved towards her. "Ex. No." Her stormy eyes were wide, terrified. "I can't. You don't. This just… it won't work. It can't work."

Ex shook his head gently, reaching out a hand to her. "We'll make it work."

"Make it work?" She echoed, "It could never work between the two of us! You're evil! You're EX! And I'm… me. The leader of the Web, the good guys."

"I am a member of the Web as well." He reminded her, moving to turn off the burners. Trinity shook her head, "It's not the same thing. You're evil, Ex. You've hurt people, you've killed people. I can't be with someone like that."

"You are not even giving me a chance to change." He pointed out, calmly draining the shell shaped pasta in a stainless steel strainer.

"Why should you change? I can't ask anyone to do that, to change for me. And why would you? You have your life and your reputation, you don't need me."

Ex shot her a cool look, "That's were you're wrong, I do need you. More than I have needed anything for a very long time."

Scared and confused by what was going on inside of her, Trinity decided that it was time to end it. She set her jaw and glared at him. "But I don't need you. And I won't. You aren't what I need, Ex. So just move on, like you planned to do. Go about your way, we won't notice when you're gone."

Ex nearly smiled, "You forget, my love, that I can read your emotions. It is nearly impossible for even the most experienced vampire to lie to me, and you are not that experienced at all."

Trinity sank miserably into a chair. "I can't love you." She murmured, knowing that the fight was lost. That she would fall over the cliffs and meet her end on the jagged rocks below. She just hoped the fall itself would be a long one. "I don't know how."

He knelt in front of her and took her hands in his. "I'll teach you."


A few days after the Web had won the battle against the Cimmeran, Trinity had caved and decided to just date the vampire and get it over with. One date turned into two and two turned into ten. It was then that Trinity found herself sitting next to Ex on the couch, the merrily burning fire casting shades of golden light around the room. With a sigh, she leaned her head on his shoulder. "Why don't you use your full name?"

Ex glanced down at the top of her head and frowned, "Why do you wish to know?" Trinity shrugged on shoulder, "Just curious."

Ex weighed the truth against the legend. Eagerness to gain her trust won out and his mouth opened to let the truth come tumbling out. "William is the name of a pansy."

Trinity looked up at him with a confused frown, "William is the name of a flower?" Ex smiled, "No, no. Pansy. You know… a wimp."

He watched her choke on a laugh and bumped his shoulder against hers. "You go by Ex because you think the William is too 'wimpy' to inspire fear in the hearts of your foes?"

Ex started to object and then stopped; he looked at her for a moment and then inclined his head. "I suppose. Yes."

Trinity regarded him thoughtfully, "I like the name William."

The vampire grew stiff and looked down his nose haughtily into the innocently blank face staring up at him. "No." The word was clipped and short.

Ignoring him, Trinity continued talking. "I think it's a bit too long though, and you're right. It is kind of wimpy." Ex looked affronted and glared, "Well, the name Trinity is not that wonderful wither."

Still ignoring him, she smiled. "Liam." She said proudly.

Fear tickled the back of his throat and he cleared it. "Excuse me?"

"Liam." Trinity repeated, the smile growing into a grin as she said it for a third time. "Yes, that's it! Liam." She mocked a swoon. "I love it."

"You are not calling me 'Liam'." Ex snarled, scooting away from her as though she had something contagious and wondered if insanity was catching. Trinity laid her head back down onto his shoulder, the smile still curling the corners of her lips upward. Her mind was already making the necessary changes for the new name and she really did love it. She peeked up at him through her lashes and thought that it fit him. "Liam." She murmured, enjoying the way the word tasted on her tongue.

"My name is Ex." He growled without heat.

"And your nickname is Liam." Trinity said in a sound and reasonable voice. The kind of voice that crazy people used while telling you that 'Yes, the money really did grow on trees and that all you had to do to grow one yourself was catch a wild moonbeam and plant it in the ocean'.

He decided to do what was best to do when dealing with crazy people. Humor her. "Alright, Trinity. Whatever you say, love."

But the nickname did not disappear; in fact, it had only increased its hold on her after some time had passed. The only thing that he was thankful for was the fact that she was adamant about being the only one to use it. While he hated the name with all of his being, he loved the way she had sounded so possessive when she told the others that they were not to use the name. The name that sounded too poetic and soft for Ex to be comfortable with. The name that made his heart flutter when it passed through Trinity's lips on a sigh during the night. He smiled. Perhaps he could deal with a nickname after all.


Serilitous nodded down into the pool of water that was used as a medium to 'see' the things and people she called upon. Some people used fires, crystal balls or clouds, but Seril was more than comfortable with the beautiful little rock pool that her husband had built for her some three million years ago. There were fewer problems than there were on a normal day, but that was to be expected after a battle such as the one that had taken place. What her charges did not understand was that the battle was greater then the one that they had seen. The war that waged between the forces of good and evil would be filled with bloody battles and in accordance to the winner, the balance would shift. Balance was an absolute necessity if the world was to keep spinning. For the past years, during the reign of the Web, more battles had been won in the name of the light than any other time period before.

Seril's cerulean eyes darkened as she gazed into the pool, the scene changing to one that had not yet happened. But most assuredly would. The hardest part of being a prophet was that you could not vocalize what you say, for it might change the outcome in a way that was not supposed to happen.

Serilitous had spent her entire life in the dimension that had been affectionately nicknamed the 'Oddball' dimension. Out of the thousands of dimensions on the parallel plains, this was the one that defied all the rules at every turn. It was a constant source of interest and confusion for the other prophets, but for Seril, her home was worth the headache. She smiled as she saw her husband across the wooded area surrounding her. Playing with one of the many children that they watched. Their home held a daycare of sorts and the magical children played and learned to their heart's content. Seril believed that Dracg needed children around in order to dispel all the extra energy that he always seemed to radiate.

She smiled down at the water's smooth surface and shook her head. The name Oddball fit the dimension to the T, as the most of the others had not seen the vampire Exanimere coming and of those that did, none of the dimensions foresaw him loosing his heart to the Most Powerful Being. Seril's smile brightened, and not even she had seen Trinity loosing her heart to Ex in return.

She knew what was to come, and it did indeed worry her, but at the moment all was right with her world. All was right. She turned away from the rock pond and its disturbing images; she would put it from her mind for the time. There was nothing she could do, and as much as it agonized her, she would have to carry on like normal. But a spark of hope glittered in her heart, this was the Oddball dimension. So perhaps the outcome would differ from the one that she saw in the water. Hopefully it would differ.


The members of the Web sat around the dinner table. An assortment of Italian dishes in front of them, and while Ex's shells were not part of the menu; he had been one of the chefs. Though it was a wonder that anything had been actually cooked in the kitchen with all the fighting that had went on between Ex and Johnny.

The table had to be expanded to seat everyone that came. Hades and Xerex sandwiched Tawnie on one side of the table, with Corra, Johnny and Lexie sitting across from them. The other sides of the table were made up of Tarra and Airik and Trinity and Ex. The room was filled with laughter and warmth, something that could always be found at the monthly grub-fests.

These little get-togethers were necessary in order to maintain sanity, especially for Trinity. Having one special night a month where the bad was forgotten and replaced by games and food was the highlight of many months. Before Ex that was. With him there, there always seemed to be a highlight at some point or another during the day. Or the night.

The past weeks had been quiet, but there was still the occasional baddie that had to be defeated. Nothing major or anything, but enough to earn a few bruises and cuts. Ex always bandaged her up, when he had the chance to, with a gentleness that was entirely unexpected coming from an elder vampire. Trinity found herself forgetting that he was a monster more and more recently, and sitting here, in her dining room, surrounded by her friends and family, she decided that maybe he wasn't a monster anymore. Maybe he had changed. No, maybe he was in the process of changing. A smile lit Trinity's stormy eyes. After all, she had changed. If anyone had asked her if she thought that she would have fallen in love with anyone a few months ago, her answer would have been a resounding and confident 'no'. But she was in love, with a vampire at that. And not just any vampire, one the most notorious and feared vampires in the world. She, Trinity Cataira Telluria, was in love with William Exanimere Zatayrius. And she was happy.

She looked around the table, her eyes coming to rest on the vampire beside her. Her Liam. Yes, she was finally happy and no matter what bad guy came knocking on the door, she would remember this moment and she would smile. After kicking his ass.



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