I thought that I had lost you

My closest, dearest friend.

I let my fear consume me.

And it to anger turned.

As the bitterness invaded

I saw how selfish I had been.

Saw the pain that I was causing

For my own self-centered gain.

I began to look at others

Saw what really had occurred.

I had never really lost you;

The path had merely curved.

In a direction unexpected

To a destination unknown.

I'd let my fear consume me,

Had struck you time and again,

Thinking I had earned this "revenge."

You had not tried to hurt me,

But I was convinced you had.

With blow after blow I struck you,

Waiting for a satisfaction

That I would never have.

And now I stand here,

Out of breath

With no will left to fight.

And I see you, standing there,

Barely shaken, hardly moved

Yet hurting, just as I.