Chapter Six

Eventually I pulled reluctantly out of the kiss. I stared into Taurs blue eyes as we stayed wrapped in each others arms. This would revolt me beyond anything if I didn't like Taur so much. Slowly we let our arms fall to our sides and stepped away.

'I should leave before Yasmine gets suspicious,' he whispered. I wanted to cry, No! Don't leave me! But I just nodded and smiled as he closed the door behind him from the hall. I flopped onto the spare bed and gazed at the ceiling with the same content grin on my face. This is utterly … weird. There was no other word for it. I felt like being nice, for once in my life. If I didn't know better I'd swear I was high.

As thoughts of Taur swan vividly around my head I drifted into a peaceful slumber, only to be woken by the shrill sound of meowing. I opened my dazed eyes to see a tuft of grey fur that I recognized at once as Goddess curled oh-so-innocently upon my face. I quickly sat up and the cat sprung hastily from my face. As she left the spare bed she turned back and glared at me evilly. Honestly, I swear that cat has it in for me.

I strolled down the hallway smiling brightly as I remembered the incidents of the night before. I slid the large dining room doors open and grinned heartily at Mina. She abandoned her toast and stared at me in shock horror.

'What?' I asked dully.

'Has someone died?' She whispered.

'No, of corse not,' I replied, now glimpsing her toast that she still held halfway to her mouth. Yum, marmite. Today is going to be a good day. I glanced back at Mina, her expression hadn't changed.

'Then why are you … happy?'

'What?' I asked again, hurry, think of something, Mya. I quickly added, 'Oh, I just had a dream that a certain insolent dickwad named Daymon suffered immensely.' I swallowed, hoping Mina couldn't see through me and discover my undeniable feelings for her brother. Relief abruptly flooded through me as she stated,

'He's such a jerk, bringing Skye along like that. I mean, how low can he sink?'

'I know,' I agreed.

'Oh, hello sweetheart,' Ms. Everglade entered and wrapped a hand around her daughters shoulder. Mina tried to shrug it off immediately. 'Mya, love. I do hope you're enjoying your stay?' Mina's mother added as she spotted me.

'Yes, thanks for letting Rob and I stay, Ms. Everglade,' I said politely. Sucking up to friends' parents was a piece of cake.

'Oh, do call me Yvonne, love. And speaking of Robert, where are those boys?'

'They're outside, packing the jeep. Apparently we're all going to be having a picnic at the beach, since it's teachers only day,' Mina said sourly.

'Well, that sounds lovely. You two must run along if you're going to leave soon. Look at you, you're both still in your night clothes!'

Twenty minutes later we were cruising down the main road, listening to the sounds of Rob rapping. Mina and I occasionally laughed at him with his strange hand movements and head jerks. God, can my brother be more of a try hard? Taur didn't speak much as he was concentrating on the road. He hadn't talked to me since last night. Had he already forgotten about the kiss, had he note wanted it? Impossible, after all the things he'd said about me. But then why was he ignoring me. Listen to yourself, Mya. If you don't watch out soon you're going to transform into and egotistical plastic. Maybe if I did Day might like me … What?! Where had that thought come from? I shook my head and drove all uncertain thoughts out of my head for the rest of the trip.

When we reached the beach Mina and I lay on our towels sun-bathing while Rob and Taur went off to search for some 'hot chicks' as Rob had put it. Before they had left Taur had given me an extremely apologetic look and trudged after Rob half-heartedly. So he did remember, but he hadn't told Rob yet, maybe that was a good thing. Last time I had dated one of Robs mates he had left the relationship with a broken arm and a severely bruised ego. But surely with a body like Taurs he'd easily be able to defend himself against Rob.

My thoughts slipped into daydreams of Taur as Mina and I lay in the sun. Rob and Taur soon returned and sat down next to us, opening a couple of sodas. Frequently Mina and I would hear cat-calls from the immature boys passing by. They would hurriedly leave though, after hearing a series of foul statements from Rob and Taur. After being whistled at fro the seventh time Taur actually threw his half-empty soda can at the blonde surfer. I glanced at him an smiled weakly. Damn he's hot when he's feisty. Especially now that his hair was back to brown.


Back at the manor I was led up a long hallway on the second floor by an anxious Taurean while Rob and Mina were watching their beloved drama channel downstairs. I followed him into a large room with sky blue walls. Inside I saw a large bed with a duvet of the same colour, a few dressers, a massive sound system and a set of drums. I realised at once that this must be Taurs room. What could he have possibly taken me here for? Surely not what I thought in the back of my mind. But Taur wasn't like that. He gestured towards the bed, I hesitantly sat. He sat next to me, out his hands around mine and stared into my dark eyes.

'Taur, I don't understand. Why are we here?' I inquired trying to keep the worried tone from my voice.

'It's Rob.' I sighed in relief and my shoulders relaxed. They immediately tensed again as he stated, 'I…I think he might be depressed. He's been sulking around with this glum look on his face ever since … you know. He seems to have taken the hit quite hard. That's why I arranged to go to the beach today. It seems to have cheered him up a bit. I'm not suggesting that he needs to see a professional about it. I know Rob, he's too stubborn, he'd never allow it. I just think that maybe if you, I dunno, spend a bit more time with him. I'm not saying that you haven't been-' He said all this rapidly, each word rolling off his tongue faster than the one before.

'Taur,' I interrupted him. 'I know. I've seen him like this before. You did the right thing by taking us out today,' I assured him. 'But there's nothing we can do about it, it's between my mother and father. As soon as they sort this out, he'll be fine. Just … just keep him away from knives and razors for now, I never won't to see him resort to cutting again.'

'Again?' Taurean asked sympathetically.

'He had a phase after our grandpapa died. They were quite close,' as I said this I gazed at the floor. Feeling my sadness, Taur pulled me into him. I leant my head against his chest and he started to stroke my hair softly. As though the weather had predicted my mood, a sudden down pour thrashed heavily against the windows.


Sorry this chapters pretty short and uneventful, but it's only there to drop a subtle hint. Thanks to all my reviewers, hope you enjoy.