Crowned with long blonde flowing hair that's styled for fame
Embedded with brown cat's-like eyes that glow even in the darkest
And paired with long curly eyelashes
Scarlet lips flawlessly curved
Sublime face impeccably sculpted
Pastel-colored make-up mixes well with her porcelain skin
Endowed with a petite bulimic figure shaped for couture fashion
Lengthy slender limbs elevate her to the highest
Her whole body manipulated to strike even the most artistic of poses
Dress her with the finest clothes and she is a goddess

Every woman venerates her
Try imitating her and you will end up a failure
Attempt to copy her pose and you will find yourself
Doing not even the slightest of what she could
Try touching her and you will feel her cold hard wooden structure

Yes, she is concrete and in existence
But she is empty inside, hollow and impassive
Still in the end, she is nothing more than a lifeless mannequin. . .