Life without pressure

Is that what we need?

No serious ambitions

And times of greed

No pity for the poor

Nor for the fat

No signs of remorse

Can you understand that?

No signs of stress

No needs for war

Blood will not quench

For our throats aren't sore

Inevitable beauty

In the land

Breathe the air

While you take my hand

These mountains are glorious

These trees are so green

The fruits are luscious

Boost your self-esteem

And the water is rippling

So tranquil yet strong

The site is crippling

Though nothing goes wrong

And I walk through the valley

And wade through the stream

Sit on the rocks

And mend to my seams

Think of the darkness

And sadness around

Then of the good

You see what I've found

Beautiful creations

Both big and small

Infinite relations

Can't name them all

Enticing people

Which we can relate

And all of our fantasies

When we need to escape