"Life beyond our mortal death

Looking past your gravestone lies

And if we live in our yesterdays,

Then are our tomorrows dead and gone?

What intolerable sickness did we encounter,

That we might live to be seventeen?

To see the blackened hearts of our friends turn into miserable ash,

So that twilight may take them away?

Were we condemned in the womb?

Doomed to suffer even before our first breath?

Or was it merely a twist of the hand of Fate?

A human consort,

Gutting out the dreams of a generation's wasted youth,

Spitting curses and ultimately laughing in our faces?

Rise up, dear children,

Snatch back the life they pulled from your collapsing lungs!

Let them see that we are not afraid!

Afraid to die, afraid to bleed

Let them not turn their blind eyes from the anguish of the sons and daughters that they themselves borne into this wicked Earth!

Acid rain will fall and we will stand untouched,

Finding more mercy in the homeless man's shelter than in our own homes.



You have betrayed us!

Cursed us with having a heart in an intolerant world,

Devoid of shields and swords;

A gift for the damned!

Babies will weep crimson and teenagers will continue to rot in their room,

And rightfully so,

For the blood upon our hands is of you."