It's been days

Since she has found herself


It was a long sleep

Almost all her life

She lay motionless


She felt warmth

Against her lips

Like a burst of life

Rushing through

But when she opened her eyes

The man was gone

Left nothing but the cup

With the last short drop

Now her mouth is dry



For that drink

High and low

She went

Each place offered

Their finest wine

And yet

No one has it

The taste she'll never forget

She grew tired

And thirsty

But nothing could be compared

Even her tears could not replace

Slowly she walked

Continued on

In search

Yet today was last

The quest about to end

A man she met

Along the way

Like her

Searching for something

He was looking for a girl

He found once

Sleeping like a dead

Left her for awhile

But when he came back

She was gone

He came closer

Looked at her intently

Then they both knew

He pressed his lips against her

She felt the same warmth

It all came back to her

The lost taste was found

Indeed the end

She then realized

It was not the drink

From the cup

But a kiss

That woke her up