Like the darkness,

Fear hovers overme;

A thick fog

Clouding my heart.

My eyes become blinded to truth,

Covered by thick scales

No human hand could remove.

Hands become cold and clammy;

Nerves causing them

To shake uncontrollably.

Anxiety forces itself on my mind,

Disrupting rational thoughts.

Breathing becomes shallow,

Vision becomes blurred.

Stomach begins to churn violently,

Screaming out it's need to vomit.

My heart begins to beat faster;

A steady thumping in my chest.

All I can think and comprehend

Is fear and terror.

Reality becomes

A mere shadow in the corner

Of my mind;

A faded song,

Telling me everything will be alright.

So faded that

In my state of mind,

It falls on deafened ears.