Reaching Out by writerforever

Dedicated to my cousin

I only wish that I could make you see

The terrible things you're doing to yourself

You fall into the pit

And then you try to climb right back out

But you only end up falling back down in the darkness

I stand above in the sun, watching you

I lean down and offer my hand

But you turn it away with a shrug

I offer you my friendship, the friendship that you and I used to possess

But each and every time you turn me away

Saying you can handle things

Saying that you'll be alright in the dark world of drugs

Broken heart and shattered dreams, that is what has become of you

And I see your pain

And I just can't ignore

Reaching out to help you is all I can do

So I reach out to you

I reach out with love

I reach out with friendship

But in despair and grief

I watch as you fall farther and farther down into the pit

And I am left standing above

With my hand outstretched

And I wait. . .wait for you to return

But so far. . .you haven't returned