Hey, Ac3 Here! This is a story that Magma and I more or less pulled ot of our asses. But, thankfully, it has the potential that Stan II had when we wrote that. I hope you enjoy this pirate/Sci-fi/Action/Comedy/Whateverthefuckelse, enjoy and Review FUCKERS
"Finished!" Exclaimed Magma proudly, looking on at the sparkling ship that lay before him.

Magma was a young lad, fiery red hair accenting his equally fiery red vest. Under it was a blue shirt, blue as the vomit he swept off the poop deck.

"Kakaw!" Magma looked up in horror. Surrounding him were waves upon waves of blood thirsty, evil, demonic, PIDGEONS OF DOOM! Magma swung violently at the birds with his mop, hoping to draw them away from the sanitary new ship.

"Away with you foul birds of Satan! You shall not poop on this deck! I will defend this ship with my life!!!" A bird doodie grazed the top of Magma's spiky hair, making him rethink his newly appointed vow of sanitation.

"Heh heh…BYE!" Magma bolted for the cabins on the opposite side of the ship, dodging pigeon poo left and right. When suddenly, the floorboards he treaded on disappeared from under his feet. Apparently, he was so focused on escaping the pigeon poo of the damned that he failed to realize that he had run off the ship.

"Curse you rats with wings! You SHALL P-" Magma plunged into the ocean deep. On the other side of the ship two large rats with wings were chatting while sipping Mr. Pib cola.

"Did you hear what that rapscallion said?" asked rat w/ wing #1.

"That is utterly condescending Nigel, we should eat his spleen for such rude chit chat." Commented rat #2 gnawing on a cracker.

"Yes quite." Replied Rat #1 sipping his Pib, which satisfies him much more than Dr.Pepper, He has no doctorate!

The splash of Magma's body awoke Oni, who was…resting her eyes while on watch.

"Gasp! I fell asleep! Oh no!" Oni hopped up quickly and grabbed her telescope. "Pirate rule number 34D states that any pirate shirking off his or her duties is forced to walk the plank." Plus, the fact that Oni can't swim added another pinch of nervousness.

Peering through her looking glass she spied a piece of driftwood over the horizon. Upon further inspection of the wood, a teenage boy laid on it, unconsciously grasping it with every ounce of strength he had left.

"Man Overboard!" Shouted Oni pointing towards the horizon. Ropes and inner tubes lined the water, pulling the boy closer to the ship. Magma swam over to the drifting boy and latched on to him, seeing this as his only way back onto the ship.

"Bring him aboard! Someone get some blankets and water!" the captain walked up commanding his troops to aid the washed up lad. He was a bit young to be a captain, he couldn't be more than 18 years old. "Magma, fetch me a lantern, the water must be freezing." Magma looked at him blankly, the water was cold, Magma knew for a fact.

"Do I have to?" Magma asked, unconcerned with the boy's condition.

"NOW MAGMA!" the captain unsheathed his sword and placed the tip at Magma's throat.

"Uh, yes Captain Tic…" Magma stumbled away from the blade that begged to claim his life and ran off for a lantern.

"Stupid kid." Thought Magma to himself, returning with the burning lantern a few minutes later. The boy lay there shivering uncontrollably, his face pale and blue. Tic covered him in blankets and, keeping the warm glow of the lantern near his pale face, the blue shade slowly left him. Magma noticed the extra care Tic personally gave to the shipwrecked adolescent; he resented the boy for it. Magma isn't the most well respected crewmember on the ship; in fact, no one respects him, not even the rats with wings whom are all seeing…all knowing.

The boy slowly opened his eyes as the chill left his face, fatigued and distraught, he looked up at Tic, who was smiling back at him.

"I am Tic…and you are?" Tic held out his hand as a sign of peace, the boy, struggling with his speaking finally was able to let out a solemn word.

"Ace…" Tic, now knowing the boys name, caught him as he fell back into unconsciousness again.

Ace awoke once more a few hours later, his limbs weak and his head heavy. He stared side to side, scanning his surroundings. He was in a ship cabin, a sight not uncommon to him.

"HI!" came a voice directly over him. Their Oni stood hovering over him, smiling as wide as she could before her head ripped in two. Ace jumped back in surprise, but fell victim to his ill body and fell back down on his pillow.

"W-where am I?" he asked, catching his breath, his fever rising from the quick activity.

"You're on a ship." She replied innocently, smiling wider than before, her jaw probably coming unhinged.

"No duh." Ace huffed, becoming woozy. "What is the name of this, t-this ship I am on?"

"You are on the greatest ship on the sea, the Forsaken Voyage!" she exclaimed, pointing to a coat of arms at the corner of the cabin. On it was a crest of a rotting skull and a sword, the inscription read, The Forsaken.

Ace sent the girl away and resumed his slumber, later to awake a few hours later, refreshed and aware of his newfound surroundings. His clothes, which were removed for an examination, were lying on a chair clean and dry ready to be worn. His ensemble included an oversized white button down shirt, a pair of black pants, and a large red and black striped tie. Ace walked over to a mirror near the vanity and fixed his burgundy hair, which was all disorganized. After some foreplay with a comb, his hair resumed its natural style of down, with his bang covering his one eye.

Walking out of the cabin, he was greeted by the warm glow of a midday sun, not a cloud in the sky. Around him the crew was bustling with there daily chores. Magma walked towards him moping the floor, unaware of Ace's presence.

"Watch it!" Magma shouted as he bumped into ace, knocking each other to the ground.

"S-sorry." Said Ace, taking the mop from off his head.

"Yeah you better be, here on this ship people respect me, no one would dare bump into the likes of Magma the great!" Magma exclaimed, pointing to himself.

"Hey Mop Boy!" came a voice from the upper deck. "Get back to work or I'll feed you to the rats with wings!" The large pirate walked of and continued his work.

Magma's face turned a bright red in embarrassment. He looked at Ace who was snickering under his breath.

"Shut up YOU!" Magma picked up the mop and pulled it back, about to swing it at Ace. Magma went to swing forward but the mop wouldn't budge. Magma looked behind him and saw Tic holding the mop; behind him were a group of large burly pirates, probably his bodyguards. Magma jumped back behind Ace for fear of Tic's judgment.

"Ah, I see you're awake, are you feeling better?" He said, holding his hand out once more as a sign of friendship towards Ace. Ace returned the gesture and shook his hand.

"Where am I? And who are you all?" asked Ace, sizing up Tic and his companions.

"I am Tic, the captain of the Forsaken Voyage. This is part of my crew, we are known only as the Forsaken throughout the seas." Tic moved to the side to give Ace a look at his able bodied crew. The men were huge, six and a half feet at the least, all covered completely in muscle. Behind them however was a girl, very petit but the Shaw and saggy pants she wore masked it. If it weren't for them, she would be utterly out of place on a ship filled with brutes.

"Why, may I ask, are you called the Forsaken?" Ace directed the question to Tic, but was answered by one of the bodyguards.

"Because, we have these coffee mugs and other memorabilia, OF THE DAMNED!" The brute held up a large black coffee mug inscribed with the forsaken insignia Ace saw on the coat of arms in his cabin.

"I see this but why are they forsaken?" Ace looked at him puzzled. The brute looked back at him, also puzzled. As an answer to Ace's question, a question that the brute could not answer, he hurled the mug at Ace's head. While the mug was whirling in the air towards its target the brute shouted, "THAT'S WHY!!!"

The brute looked on in amazement as the pieces of the coffee mug chimed on the deck. Ace had moved his head to the side at just the right moment and, instead of hitting its intended target, the mug plunged itself into Magma's head, who was too slow and stupid to get out of the way.

"…I can't feel my spine." Said Magma bluntly as he slowly fell backward, landing on the broken shards of the mug.

"OH GOD WHY!!!" Magma shouted as he rolled back and forth trying to get the shards from out of his back, but only succeeding in delving them farther into his skin.

"So," Tic said, trying to speak over Magma's screams. "Where did you come from? How did you come to find yourself floating on a piece of wood?"

"I was a crew member on a ship, a lot like this one. Maybe a little nicer." Ace said smugly, trying to get a sense of Tic's emotions, he was rock solid. "Anyway, we were sailing North after leaving port in Angria. About 20 miles out to see we were when we came under siege." Ace began to paint a picture with his words of the ship that attacked him.

Large, black, horribly fearsome. Captained by a ruthless commander, Ace could not describe him, because all he saw of him were his looming shadow and soul-piercing gaze. The crew was bloodthirsty and cruel; they slaughtered all the other members of Ace's crew. The captain they took aboard their ship, and later hung. This was known to Ace because he saw his captain pull taught the rope that made the Neuse around his neck as he was forced to jump from the mast. Ace himself managed to grab hold of a piece of the ship that had been blown of by cannon fire, which was how he came to be found by the Forsaken.

"My, what a horrible ordeal. Well, you are welcome on the Forsaken Voyage in return for your body." Tic said.

"What? I'm sorry but I don't roll that way…captain." Remarked Ace, sickened on the inside,

"No, I meant for your body to become part of my crew. To stay and work on my ship in return for full quarter and meals, Pervert." Tic made clear his offer and Ace accepted, seeing this as his only sane option.

"Come, let me introduce you to the crew." Tic brought forth the young girl. "This is Luna, my first mate, and a hell of a cook if I do say so myself."

Luna greeted him warmly and walked off to resume her duties. Tic laughed at Ace's blushing face and introduced him to the rest of the crew.

After a few long introductions, Magma came to subject. Magma was looking out towards the horizon, Tic began to introduce Magma, but he just turned his head farther from Ace.

"…Magma is the swabby on the ship, not very handy but skilled with a War-Hammer." Magma shrugged is shoulders and trudged off.

It was getting dark on the seas and the Forsaken Voyage's destination was soon to be reached.

"So, where exactly are we going?" Asked Ace, staring at a piece of land coming into view.

"Our stronghold, Fort-saken, not a man alive has ever been able to penetrate the walls that line our borders. The fort is all but impenetrable." Tic exclaimed proudly.

About half an hour later, the moon was in full glow and the fort had finally been reached. Crewmembers all began to celebrate with rum and stories of past experiences. In the corner Ace sat, feeling out of place in his new surroundings.

"What's wrong Ace? Not enjoying the festivities?" Tic walked up to Ace and handed him a goblet of wine.

"Nah, this kind of stuff has never interested me." Ace said, staring into his blood red wine.

Magma came stumbling up to Ace, a wine barrel covering his head. Magma tripped on a stone and fell forward, spilling Ace's wine all over him and Tic.

"Dammit Magma!" Shouted Tic standing up to grab a cloth.

"Ah lighten up cap'n, it's a party after all." Magma shouted, slurring a few words here and there.

Magma trudged off to rejoin in the partying. Tic handed Ace a towel and they cleaned themselves off.

"That kid is a disaster to my ship and a hazard to the wellbeing of my crew. It is a miracle that I haven't sent his ass off the plank." Tic was staring at Magma who was amidst the crowd of drunken pirates, dancing to their hearts desire.

"I'm going to bed." Ace finished cleaning himself off and started to walk up the large stone stairs that led to the sleeping quarters.

"You sure…Alright then, see you in the morning." Tic poured himself another glass of wine and jumped into the crowd of dancing pirates.

Ace sat in his room, staring at the ceiling. He rummaged through his pockets and pulled out a deck of playing cards. He shook them dry and began to shuffle them. He cut the deck and spread out the cards along his bed. One by one he took a card and flung it at the wall, and one by one each card would lodge itself into the stonewall. Ever since Ace was a child he had an uncanny ability to fling a card with unmatchable precision and speed. Many a tavern he would hustle in card games of chance because of his vast knowledge of card play and strategy. Once all the cards were stuck in the wall, Ace laid back and dozed off into slumber.

Ace awoke at daybreak by the shattering sound of cannon fire. A few seconds later one of the crew members burst into Ace's room

"Ace! Wake up, were under siege!" The Man was a lumbering man, sweating with fear and anxiousness.

"Is it the Queens Navy?" Asked Ace, pulling his pants up and his shirt down.

"No, they're rebel pirates, they sail aboard a large black ship."

Ace's eyes went wide. Half with fear and half with unrelenting malice. Ace ran towards the far wall and began plucking the cards out of the stone.

"Help me." Ace shouted to the pirate. The muscular brute walked over and took hold of one of the cards, but despite his best efforts, it wouldn't budge.

"Nevermind." Said Ace disappointed. "Just go defend the Fort." The pirate ran off and Ace plucked out the card he was so struggling with.

Ace ran down the stone steps he went up last night and joined Tic at the fort walls.

"The Fort is being breached, their cannons are turning these walls to rubble!" Tic shouted to Ace over the deafening cannon fire.

Ace ran beside Tic, the large black ship was almost directly below them. Ace smiled and looked at Tic who, for the first time Ace has ever seen, showed signs of fear.

"Impenetrable huh?" Ace said, then jumped off the fort and down to the black ship below. Ace grasped one of the ropes attached to the mast and slid down to the main deck. Swarms of Black Pirates (Black as in evil, not African American) attacked Ace from every direction. Wave after wave came at him but they were all struck down by a well-placed card in one or two major organs.

"My Spleen, My liver, My Coccyx!" Shouted the Black Pirates as they keeled over in pain.

Large booming noises cam from behind Ace as the last batch of Pirates were killed. Ace turned to come face to face with his fear. In front of him stood a massive ogre of a man. Seven, eight feet tall, his shadow blocking every speck of light that shined on Ace's face. Ace jumped back and plunged card after card into the monsters chest. The beast took a deep breath and the cards released their hold on him and were returned back at Ace. Ace managed to dodge them but not as easily as we normally could.

"My your impressive, I admire you're 'talent'." Behind the lumbering oaf came a short pale gray haired man, slightly beyond the normal age of able-bodied pirates. An eye patch concealed his socket and a skull-accented cape flew freely behind his back.

"You are you?" Ace asked, rummaging through his pockets for another pack of cards.

"I am Kaine, captain of the fine vessel, the man you see before you is Khilrag, my younger brother. Say hello Khilrag." Khilrag let out a deep low grumble.

"That's a good Khilrag." Kaine tossed him a cookie and continued with his long winded speech, but was interrupted by Ace.

"You're the captain. Ha, I was expecting 'biggy' over here to be, but he's stupid and you're short and ugly." Ace openly mocked the man who could control whether he lived or died.

"Heh, I guess you could say I'm not the prettiest person in the world." Said Kaine laughing to himself and fiddling with his eye patch.

"I could say that, but I'm not, and you can't make me." Ace said, pulling out a pack of cards and pulling a card from the top of the deck.

Khilrag, take care of our, 'friend' here. Khilrag, being very fast for his size ran forward ad grabbed Ace by the head. He then walked to the far side of the ship and punted him away from the Fort, leaving him in the middle of the ocean.

"YOU BASTARRRRRRRD!" Ace shouted as he flew through the air. After rising to the top he began to swim back to the Fort, a good mile's swim. Ace could see the Fort from where we floated, it was on fire and sound of gunfire and explosions could be heard across the water.

I Hope you enjoyed this story, look forward to a new chapter of this as well as Stan II soon. Ac3 Out!!! RR FUCKERS!!!!!