I don't understand!"

It was the next morning and they'd all gathered in the living room. Cathy had just filled David in on her plan. He wasn't happy. She pointedly refused to look at Steve.

"Why would you want to turn yourself into a vampire? It's crazy," David raved.

"It's rational," Cathy disagreed. "I'm a hindrance to you as a human, I'd only get in the way. Look what happened yesterday."

"That wasn't your fault."

"Wasn't it? I put us all in danger. What if it happens again?"

"We were reckless," David allowed, "I've already said that. We just won't be in future."

Cathy wished it was that simple. "I'm not sure I can help it, I'm too impulsive," she admitted, "and even if I do calm down and think, we still have to fight Ree. I'm human, I won't stand a chance- but," she quickly added, "I'm not backing out, either. I'm more useful to you this way."

"As this got anything to do with what I've told you?" David quietly asked.

"No. At least, not much. I've been thinking about this a while," she answered just as quietly, momentarily forgetting like David had, vampires had excellent hearing.

"Cathy, you're not turning into a vampire," his voice raised." You don't even know what it entails."

"Actually," Cathy gave Steve a quick glance, "I do."

"You do? How do…" She saw realisation dawn. "You talked to him about this? Before me?" David looked from Cathy and Steve, his face reddening in anger.

"I needed to know the details before I made my decision," she defended herself. "I wasn't sure I'd go through with it."

"And now?"

"I am."

David sighed heavily. "Cath, you're being stupid. You're not becoming a vampire," he fixed brutal eyes on Steve, "and you're not making her one!"

Cathy forced herself to breathe. He thinks he's protecting you. He's being sweet. He's still being a complete asshole ! Did David not see it was her life?

"David," she said, as calmly as possible, "if Steve won't do it I'll find someone who will. You can't monitor me 24/7. I know you're worried, but forget I'm your girlfriend for a second, put your feelings aside and think. I will have more chance of surviving this way, of helping you, and defeating Ree. Are you going to put all that at stake because you don't want your girlfriend drinking blood?"

David sighed again, more tiredly.

Seeing she was wearing him down, Cathy continued. "I'll still be me. I'm not going to change, only my body and I'll always love you. Show me you trust me, let me do this, please." She raised large blue eyes to his. "Please."

For the third time David sighed, but this time she knew she had won. "Ok." He turned to Steve. "If anything goes wrong- you're dead. I mean it."

Cathy jumped up, hugging him. "Thank you," she burst out joyfully, "I love you."

To her surprise, David pulled away. "I understand why you're doing this, just don't expect me to watch." He avoided looking at her. "I'll see you when it's done."

Without bothering to give her a kiss or wish her luck, David left. The door slammed. He hadn't even told her where he was going. Cathy fought the tears gathering in her eyes. For the first time that morning she spoke to Steve.

"I'm ready."

Steve pulled on his black leather jacket. "Well, I'm not."

"Excuse me?"

"I'm going out."

Then, not bothering to even say bye, Steve left.

Cathy looked around the empty house in disbelief.

She was scared, desperately in search of comfort ,and everyone had abandoned her when she needed them the most. She'd imagined David would here, reassuring her, helping to ease her fear. When that hadn't happened, she'd hoped Steve would help prepare her for what was to come, or at least get it over with and turn her quick. Instead, she was left alone for whoever knew how long with nothing to do except worry.

Well, Steve and David might not care about her feelings ,but there was no way she'd sit around worrying.

Cathy went upstairs, flinging open her closet, she began rummaging through it's contents. Right at the back she found what she'd been looking for- a long silk white dress Rachel had brought her for her nineteenths . It was also the only dress she hadn't left at Steve's. Cathy pulled it on, admiring herself in the mirror. Although the dress was loose it accentuated her breasts, making them appear larger. Her long creamy hair went perfectly with the colour and her eyes glowed. She looked like an angel.

To complete the look, Cathy slicked on a pale gloss. She did not need to be told she looked gorgeous and elegant. For once, Cathy did not have a single criticism about her appearance.

She smiled, trying to forget why she was dressing up. She couldn't. While part of the reason was to keep busy and her mind on other things, a deeper part of her thought if she looked pretty it would help combat the horror of her situation and if anything did go wrong, at least she'd go out looking pretty. Cathy swallowed. "Nothing is going to go wrong," she said, forcing herself to believe it.

She was about to ring Rachel to calm her nerves, even if it meant having the whole- "you're turning into a vampire?" conversation again, when she heard the front door open.

She glanced at her golden alarm clock - it had been over two hours since David and Steve left. I really must be a slow dresser, she thought. Although, in reality, she knew she wasn't. She'd just spent half the time worrying , despite promising herself she wouldn't. The door shut.

"David?" She called. She knew he could not stay away for long.

"Sorry, it's Steve," he called up, shattering her hopes. A minute later he entered her bedroom. "I take it he's still not back?"

Cathy shook her head, praying he'd drop it.

"Are you ok?" He asked.

Cathy immediately jumped to the conclusion he was asking because of David and got defensive. "I'm fine," she snapped.

Hello? Her brain jumped in. He's going to change you into a vampire. Do you really want to make him angry?

"Where did you go?" She carelessly asked, letting him know she wasn't interested.

He shrugged. "I went for a walk. I was bored."

"You were…"

Cathy bit her tongue to keep from screaming at him. She was making herself ill with worry, while he took in scenery. If he'd not left she wouldn't have had more time to picture another hundred different ways this could go wrong. He wouldn't be bored if he was changing her anyway. What kind of excuse for leaving her two hours is "I'm bored?" Did he not think she'd be bored? Didn't he realise she was on the verge of having a heart attack right now?

"Besides, I knew you'd be ok," Steve went on. "I mean, you're not scared of anything, right?"

Cathy gritted her teeth. "Exactly. So, can we get started? I'm ready... if you are."

Steve looked her over. "I can see. We're not going ballroom dancing you know," he gently teased.

"It's just in case…"

Cathy's voice cracked. She looked at the floor in an effort to regain control. She couldn't fall apart in front of Steve. She would rather die.

"You don't have to do this."

Cathy's head jerked up at the unaccustomed kindness in his voice. "You know I do," she said, happy to hear she didn't sound weak or scared anymore, she sounded determined. "Lets do this."

Cathy sat on the bed. Steve sat beside her.

She moved her hair to the side-leaving the right side of her neck exposed. Holding herself ridged, Cathy closed her eyes.

Without any other words Steve grabbed her shoulders, holding her tight, he sunk knife-sharp teeth into her tender neck, ripping chunks of flesh as he entered.

Hot pain shot through Cathy's every nerve, building in intensity. It felt like shards of glass were being shoved into her neck then the wounds jabbed with hot pokers. She would have screamed if she could focus on anything. As it was the only thing she could think of was the pain. Cathy rode it out, gritting her teeth. When it ebbed slightly, Cathy found she could think again. Something was wrong. That had hurt way too much. Steve wasn't going to change her, he was going kill her! Panic overwhelmed her. She could feel her blood oozing out. Cathy moved her head to the side. She needed to call an ambulance quick! She'd need stitches, a blood transfusion, if she could only stand up she could reach the phone…

"Relax," Steve softly ordered, tightening his grip to prevent her escape.

Was he kidding?

He changed his grip again, releasing her shoulders and putting one arm around her waist instead. Cathy let herself drop, so she was half lying on the bed, the only thing holding her up was his arm. Suddenly, all the pain disappeared , replaced by a warm golden glow that covered her whole body. That's it. I'm dying, Cathy thought. She wasn't afraid though, if dying felt like this everybody would want to do it. It was the happiest she'd felt in her life.

Through the glow Cathy could feel her blood being drawn out. It wasn't unpleasant, only soothing. It took her a couple of seconds longer to realise she wasn't dying, after all, just getting weaker. She could feel Steve's cool lips on her neck. They reminded her of ice cubes and Cathy understood why some lovers found ice very stimulating and used it in foreplay. Her body started tingling. Abruptly, and to her dismay , Steve's lips left her throat.

He gently laid her down on the edge of the bed.

Cathy forced her eyes open, which was hard because she was suddenly incredibly tired. Keeping eye contact, Steve took a kitchen knife out of his pocket and cut his wrist with it. He chucked the knife to the side, droplets of dark red blood already forming at the wound. Cathy was too relaxed to feel squeamish. Her breathing had somehow got in rhythm with Steve's and her chest gently rose and fell to it's beat. Steve took her in his arms again, supporting her weight, he offered her his wrist. She started sucking.

His blood tasted spicy but felt like warm silk. It made her think of leather, crisp air and expensive aftershave, although, it didn't smell or taste of any of these things. Most of all- it gave her strength. She had taken only a little before her body started feeling stronger. She could practically feel her insides come to life after they'd been sleeping for so long. At least that was what it felt like. They must have been sleeping, Cathy thought, because now I can locate every single part of my body and I feel revived. It was no exaggeration. The power in the blood was unmistakable. Cathy would have been frightened if it wasn't for the warm peaceful glow that still surrounded her, keeping her safe. Cathy didn't stop sucking. She needed more. The rush was increasing the more she drank. A sugar high couldn't even compare. It was like a drug, and Cathy knew she was beyond addicted. She couldn't stop herself. Her teeth dug in, trying to force more blood out of the sealing wound. Steve jerked his wrist away, letting her drop. Strangely, once the temptation had gone, Cathy relaxed again, feeling tired. Steve stood over her. Cathy couldn't look away. She didn't even want to.

"You need to rest," Steve spoke as if he was talking to a stranger. His voice that impersonal, uncaring. "You should be ok, but if you need anything shout me," he didn't particularly sound like he wanted her too.

Cathy winced. The postman would get better attention.

Some of her tranquillity shattered. She nodded weakly. Steve left the room. He didn't look back. Cathy should have been upset or angry, though, she wasn't sure why. She felt too exhausted to be either. She drifted into sleep.



Well, that's the end of book 1 , what do you think? Book 1 was more setting up the characters and human Cathy while book 2 will deal with the effects of her transformation and feature a lot more Ree. About to go to my eighteenths but the long authors note I promised will be up by tomorrow and I'll be keeping it up for about two days. Please review. Luv Kaitx