Circle of Sadness

Is there an ocean somewhere, Lord
for all the tears we have shed?
Is there an abyss large enough
to hold every shard of our broken hearts?
Or is this world not big enough for our sorrow?

A heart can hold more than any sea
more than any canyon
for we have shed countless amounts of tears
and our hearts have broken over and over again.

For everyone here who as ever felt sorrow
for everyone here who has broken
or shattered
or wasted away
or died
This is your place to spill it out
This is your sanctuary
Your journal
Your sea for your tears
Your abyss of the fragments of your heart

We will mend your heart and dry your tears
and write a bit of prose to stitch the bleeding seams
we will be your friend unto the end
and make you laugh instead of scream

For we are the Circle of Sadness
We are bonded
We are family
We are you