"A Home of the Spirit" 4/22/05 By Cassandra Freiborg
Dedicated to all my friends who are just as restless as I am. I love you all!

Its been so long since I've walked down,
the long winding streets of my home town.
Cant seem to stop tapping my foot,
remembering how long I took.
To get back into the flow of things,
seems like its been one long dream.
The music seeps out of every doorway,
these are the reasons I always wanted to stay.
But you needed change, I guess we all do eventually,
now I'm back and this feeling is lovely.
This smell is endearing, like a lost summer night,
reminding me of things I used to hold tight.
My old room is gone now, someone else's home,
but I still remember, every hue and tone.
Now I've lost the winters, icicles and snow,
memories reminding me of how much I've grown.
Hundreds of miles away from my family too,
but the one consolation-I found YOU.
So I gave up the winters, the open spaces for good,
remembering now so little, of what I should.
Like I said, I'm back home for a time, I wish I could stay,
I'm feeling more at home every passing day.
But that restlessness is returning, and as much as I want to stay,
I know I'll have to leave here too, someday.
Things just cant stay in place, time constantly moves,
and each day I get the feeling I have something to prove.
I can't stay, cant be tied down at all,
I can only wait till all the leaves fall.
Then I'm outta here, gonna find a new place,
A place to build a new life, a new face.
Adventure was always my priamry goal, I should know,
that my only real home, is out on the road.
So I'm leaving soon now, can't tell you how much I'll miss you,
Just know in your heart, that I love you too.
So road, lay yourelf at my feet,
give me someone new to meet.
Give me courage to untie myself again,
but always allow me to return to where I've been.