Guilt without Redemption

The stars were so bright that one single night
I saw my life spiral down the drain
Who would've guessed the prophets would mess
This one divination up
How I could curse and damn those very men
For throwing my life down the endless abyss
Of pain and deception, guilt without redemption
Why did they never speak of this deceit?
That the one man I could ever love,
The single one who understood me best
The white knight upon his valiant steed
Rescuing me from the high spires of anguish from evil's greed
The hero of those fictitious fairytales
Slaying for me the dragon of pain
But who would've ever believed
A hero could turn villain in a single stroke
Who would ever dare to think
A white knight could be soiled ebony with a single smile
As he danced wtih and caressed another woman
With his tainted hands ringed in matrimony,
Betrothed to a woman better known as me
Oh seers, why did you tell me he was the one for me?
Why didn't you warn me of these events to be?
Maybe if you warned me of these things,
I would be standing here
Alone to wallow in this ignominious guilt,
Drowning in this corrupt sea
Drenched in lover's blood
As his anguished rueful eyes stared up at me,
His bloody lips tipped in one last contrite smile