The tears form behind my eyes,

But I do not cry.

Holding back the sob I need to let out once and forget about.

Dressed in black satin,

I just want to go home,

But I cannot leave.

The bodies move and smile,

And though I want to kill them all,

I smile back and hold the pain.

As heads bow down, and hands are shaken,

I disappear behind my veil.

I feel the palms that grip my shoulder,

And just want to die.

My heart beats once,

And I can feel the cracks life made,

The scars it left.

My heart smashed into

One thousand pieces

Is beating one last time.

They put the box into the ground

And I want to turn and run,

But I stand, a broken statue,

Looking forth into the night.

I follow all and take one glance

At what is left of my lost life.

My soul in scattered pieces

Belongs inside the casket walls.

I look into his open eyes

And time has no meaning anymore.

The leaking clock inside my mind

Has run out of sand.

I touch his face and bend down low

As the tear drips down my cheek

And I let go.