I've been waiting for the past to happen
for quite a while now
and it only struck me yesterday
that i was doing so
i was counting down the minutes
before you find me
realizing that you'd left some time ago.

I've been listening to 80s songs,
learning every syllable you sang
and i took my coat and walked out in the rain
just to remember your hand in mine.

I followed memory right to your door
and knocked three times to say i love you
i stopped to note you weren't there
and then recalled the fact
that you weren't coming back.

I read the letters that you wrote me
saved each & every one.
&& i smelled that rose you saved me
a hundred years ago.

I might still shed a tear sometimes
i can't quite recall,
for tomorrow doesn't happen very often.
it's constantly spring
i'ts constantly spring.

and i remember when i asked you
if you ever loved me.
the response still ringing in my ears
"once upon a time."

once. once. once upon a time.