"just wait, just one more second," he whispered as she turned away.
"i can't do this anymore," she cried, her tears began the rain.
"i know, i hurt you." he says but she can't stand the lies.
he takes her hand she pulls away "dont do this" please, she cries
"dont do it please, dont kid youself.
you know what happens in the end.. "
he nods. but he doesn't understand
but he doesn't understand.
too many times i've heard this song,
just play it one more time
she needs to hear she's beautiful.
she needs to hear the notes align
she needs to hear shes loved, she needs to know
hes never been perfect. he's never been perfect.
"there are three beats left in my heart
hold out your hand just listen listen
if i thought apologies could heal
id say im sorry one hundred million times
and it wouldn't be enough
but listen to the rhythm tell me what it sings oh what it sings
i know the suffocation and the pain it brings
but dont leave me here to die
for its exactly what i'll do please help me, help me
you know im a mess, you know i've lied.
and taken you for granted, yes i've done that too
but listen there is one beat left
and i'd like to die with you and only you.
so lay down beside me please and hold my hand for i'd explode
and we'll become two silhouettes entangled in our broken throne
my queen i'd give you all the gold and all the lies and loves i've sold
just forgive me a second too late
you've always been my fate.
you've always been my fate.
the last tear fell, the last kiss shared
and all around the fire glared
they walked into their death
with such respect in every breath.
he shut the door. she shut her eyes
and they both burned right through their lies.
so tell me what's romanic?
i'd like to watch you bluff
sometimes love just isn't enough
sometimes love just isn't enough.