the silence was greeted by a nostalgia of underlining imaging. the kind the waves produced as they bounced off our awards show placed secretely on mute. the five page essay burning with the flames beside us the letters caved in just the way lovers imagined - one by one a roll of pearls igniting in the airwaves created by our breathing slowly in and out of passionate climaxes. valentines day eve and we're alone but never more together. your hand next door to mine so close so close. inhale the cruelty exhale the lies as my carbon dioxide duels with your oxygen we'll lie in complete oblivion. black and white and rouge and charcoal as you taunt me with your teasing eyes. the emerald - not the amber in this firelight in this glamourlight. bloodred chipping nailpolish slowly i carress your heart my feind, my fool, ignorance is your erection my injection of that drug as we destroy ourselves this addiction called love invites my sense to dance. let's waltz the tango ; it exclaims. ours is an exhausting kind of love.