Half smirking, half grimacing,

I'm trying to explain

What made me into this

And what you've done to me.

I know you would never think of it,

But I know each detail of that day,

When this started, when we were newer,

And they chained me to the fence

In that infernal playground,

Where the others gladly played.

And I was fixing my wires

The best I ever could,

While you were making a scene,

As you were sitting "alone,"

With your molded-on smile

Which you could never take off.

Sitting there with a marker,

And the audience watching,

You achieved your perfection,

And drew a frown on your face.

Oh, how they cheered for you!

Then they turned to see me.

They screamed, "Freak of nature!"

As I chewed at my bindings

To taste the metal…so like blood.

And years later, it is still the same,

But I've completed my degeneration,

So I'm cleverer, but much worse.

Now I'm the one who's pushing them away.

And here you are, reeking with ignorance

As I'm malfunctioning again,

And you are programmed to self-destruct.

Do you really not understand this?

We were all spawned by a giant machine,

As perfect robots with "defects"

On a malignant, dying planet.

There was a flaw in the system…

That's when I was created.

Do you still think I'm a freak of nature?

Well, when they called me that,

They were completely right.

And why aren't you laughing already?

This is perfectly amusing, I think.

Are you afraid, Oh Flawless One,

As your moments tick away?

I might have to giggle, just a bit,

When you blast into a thousand tiny pieces

To be admired to your displeasure.

That may be awful, I know,

But I'm the one who's suffering.

I'm the one who cannot function…

My wires weren't meant to be so frayed.

Still, I've rendered quite a lot

For a broken little android.

The true smirk is forming on my face,

And I think your demise will be better,

More glamorous, more mesmeric,

Than anything they ever programmed you

To fake.