Yesterday I crawled into the attic
just like I always do to escape
When I was a child
I played pretend with my mother's old clothing and jewelry
Then I graduated to reading on my own
Eventually I just went up there to sit and write
I wrote stories, poems and diary entries
The attic was my safe haven
I went there when my parents fought
When my daddy left
Whenever my sister made me cry
After my first heart-break
I went in there and it was magic
like Tinkerbell's fairy dust
In there I could fly
I spent many hours there crying and laughing
But yesterday was different
Now that I'm leaving home
getting married and starting a family
Yesterday was my last day in my attic
my last taste of childhood
where problems are easily solved
Now I will have to deal with life
alone without any magic spells
but I just had to say good-bye
to this place that holds so many memories
this place that saved me so many times

A/N: Inspired by the line "yesterday, I went up to my attic. I…"