She walks in
hugs and kisses us all
and sits down as if nothing was wrong.
I wonder silently
if my brother even remembers her
he was only two when she left.
I'm not sure why she's back
we're doing fine without her.
Maybe she ran out of drug money.
Well she sure as hell can't have my allowance.
My dad always told her we'd welcome her
anytime, day or night,
but I don't think even he ever expected her
to come back.
Yet here she is
sitting and drinking coffee
like the past two years didn't exist.
I've missed her
and I've wanted her back
but I can't forgiver her.
She just left
and she tore us apart
for months we thought she was kidnapped
or dead.
Then we started slowly
returning to normalcy
but she's back
probably just so she can leave us
and hurt us again.
It's not fair at all.
She's tired now
and as she goes up to her old room
she hugs me
and with tears in her eyes says
"I'm sorry."
Those two single words
were all I really needed
to be able to trust her again.