In all actuality, Renee wasn't the least bit interested in telling Vigilante's secret identity. When she awoke in the hospital with her face and limbs bandaged and an IV in her arm, Renee feared that she was going to die. Police officers were monitoring her anyway after her mumblings in her speak, and when they saw that she was awake, they gathered around just in time to hear Renee's confession.

She told them everything, beginning with the money she'd taken out of the woman's purse while she'd still worked at Tia's, and finishing her story by telling of how she'd agreed to work for Morriss, and how the bomb in the warehouse had been a trap so that he wouldn't have to pay her.

Renee glossed over the details of how she'd acquired the map. So far as the police knew, Grandinetti had been successful in taking the map from the museum, but Renee informed them all that Vigilante had prevented Grandinetti from escaping with the artifact. Then, she lied, saying it had fallen into the hands of an art collector whose name she didn't know. Thus, Thomsby was never incriminated nor connected with Vigilante's actions.

When Renee described her fight with the masked hero, she told them of how she hated him for getting in her way and for interfering with her criminal activities. She gave no indication that she knew Vigilante's identity, or that she felt betrayed that someone so close to her could stop her from doing what she thought was right.

By the time Patrick arrived at the hospital, Renee was finished with her confession, and the police had enough evidence against her that they arrested her on the spot, telling the doctors and nurses that when she was recovered enough to leave the hospital, she was to be taken to the station rather than to be taken home.

When Lester saw Patrick, he wearily recounted all that his wife had confessed to, and filled in him on her situation as an arrested criminal. Patrick's mouth was a grim line as he listened. He didn't seem nearly as surprised as Lester had expected him to, but perhaps the truth had yet to sink in.

After all the police officers left, Patrick entered the hospital room to sit with the wife. Neither spoke, and eventually Renee fell asleep. Patrick sat watch over her until a nurse chased him away.

Weeks later, Renee was released into police custody. She was locked away in Polistowne jailhouse, where she would remain until the time came for her to stand trial. Her first day in jail, Patrick came to visit.

Anderson let him into the hallway outside her cell. Patrick noticed that she was the only person locked away. Anderson met Patrick's gaze, then said, "I'm not supposed to leave you alone with her, but . . . I think I'll make an exception."

"Thank you," Patrick said, and his friend walked away, closing the door behind him.

As soon as they were alone, he spoke again, asking the question that had weighed on his mind and heart ever since he had discovered what activities Renee engaged in. "Why?" he asked. "How could you betray me like that?"

"Betray you?" Renee repeated with a snort of derision. "I didn't betray you, I did it to help you. I stole money so you wouldn't have to worry about how to pay bills, particularly your hospital bills."

Her words stung, for although Patrick knew her reasoning was flawed, he heard the implied message- that it was his fault that she'd done what she'd done. Looking away from her, he murmured, "There are other ways to get money."

"That's your problem!" Renee declared. "You've been off the police force for over a month now, but you still think like a cop. You see that I break the law, and you say that's bad, but you never look at the circumstances. Why don't you try looking at all we've been through, Ian? Fate took so much from us, and made everything so bad, don't you think it was about time one of us took matters into our own hands?"

Patrick could only look away; he couldn't bring himself to answer her twisted logic.

"Besides," Renee continued. "I'm not the one who betrayed anyone. Look at what you did- going out each night to make my job just a little harder. I tried to help you and me, help our relationship, and all you could do was oppose me!"

"Believe me, had I known what you were doing, things would have been different," Patrick assured his wife.

Renee leaned back against the wall of her cell and pouted. "I hate Vigilante!" she declared.

Patrick felt as if he'd just been punched in the stomach. Despite all that had happened, he still loved his wife. He knew he'd have to file for divorce, and they could probably never heal the rift between them, but he still loved her. "You hate me?" he gasped.

"No, honey, I love you," Renee said, rising from her seat to stand at the bars of the cage. "I'll always love you, and if we could only work out this disagreement . . ."

"But you just said-"

"You don't understand, do you?" Renee sighed. "You're not Vigilante. You're Ian, and you're my husband. Vigilante is an entirely different person all together, a fool and a menace. I would kill him if I had the chance."

Chilled, Patrick backed away from the bars. "You won't tell anyone, will you?" he asked.

"Don't worry, your secret's safe," Renee assured him, then added, "If you plan to continue this superhero nonsense, though, you'd better watch your back." She finished her threat with a strange smile Patrick had never seen before.

Just then, the door down the hall slid open, and Anderson called, "Time's up." Patrick sighed, wishing he'd had a few more minutes and yet at the same time relieved for a chance to escape and reflect. He walked away, leaving Renee alone in her cell, and she watched him leave.