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Chapter One

Tuyet's Ring

I looked around at my surroundings, each treetop wore a fresh coat of snow, and each blade of grass carried with it the same icy substance. I stood on a deserted field of white with only the presence of the frozen evergreens as company. It was a typical day filled with the usual boring scenery and the same ordinary chill in the wind, there was nothing different and this only bored me further. I have had enough of the same thing to last a lifetime, and I wanted more than anything to be able to leave this isolated plain. That thought quickly left my mine, it was forbidden to think such thoughts. A Crowling leaving its ice is as unusual as a firebird living without its fire. Such a thing was never dreamed of, and should never be.

I sighed, I hated being a crowling, the cold was unbearable and the drab colors totally original, I wanted something new. I raised my arms and muttered a single word under my breath, "Istas." A faint tingling spread quickly through out my limbs, I was used to this and I closed my eyes allowing the feeling to come and pass. I did not resist, but it was tempting. The snow swirled around me wrapping me in its icy grasp, and I couldn't breathe or move. It was as if I had suddenly become trapped, frozen in the ice that covers everything in this land.

Than as suddenly as it came it stopped. I had turned completely into a large black crow, the trickster of the night, the moons on heir. (1)

I could feel my black feathers against my soft skin and I smiled as I welcomed their warmth. The wind whipped at my feathers its chill annoyed me, were it would have pleased so many others. I flew east to Crystals Brook (2), and all though I could not see the small spring of water I knew exactly were it was. Every one knew.


I reached the brook and slowly landed quickly I morphed back into my human form and reached down towards the cool waters of Crystal Brook. The liquid felt refreshing to the touch and I quickly scooped up a handful of it and gulped it down.

I looked up as I finished drinking. On a rock directly in front of me sat an ice sprite. Her skin was whitish silver and her hair shown bright blue in light of the early sun Her hair was held back in a white tiara that matched the simple gown she wore. The sprite's orbs were purple and the pupil white.

Her blank eyes thoughtfully studied me as I drank from the spring. "I have some thing for you Tuyet," Her frail form shifted uncomfortably beneath my gaze. It was highly unusual for a crowling to talk to, or even see an ice sprite. "It is a thing of great value and must be used and protected wisely." I crouched down on my knees a puzzled expression on my face.

"How do you know my name?" I asked her, still dazed at the thought of coming across a sprite.

"Your name is not unknown to the fairies, any name to that matter." She straightened her posture formally. "Will you take this burden?" she asked an almost pleading note in her voice. I didn't answer. "You'd be able to leave the village," she offered. How did she know my true weakness? I thought for a second, with the consent of an ice sprite the village counsel wouldn't mind at all, that is if they believed me.

"I will take it for you," I said, anything was worth the price of leaving this wasteland.

"Take it then, and flee. Guard it by any means, and use it only if you have to," she said as she reached in to her pocket.

"Were should I go?" I asked only to happy to take the burden.

"You must go to the firebird village west to this brook. On your way you shall meet a Treeling with a trinket much like your own. You must convince him to go with you. The Treeling will not be persuaded easily," she warned me gravely. "On your way to the village with the Treeling you will meet the Firebird who has a ring as well." The sprite bobbed her head grimly and took out the item and placed it in my hand

"It is a white ring?" I asked her.

"It is not white but many shades of gray," she remarked crossly.

I picked it up it and flipped it over in my hand. It looked like an ordinary glass ring, though it seemed to hold a white content in its hollow center. I saw no gray?

"It is an ice ring," she said cautiously. "Don't worry it can't melt."

I bowed my head, and studied the ring further. "What's an ice ring?" I asked. She didn't answer. I repeated the question, unsure weather or not she had heard me. "What's an ice ring?" Still no answer. I looked up in question at the tiny ice sprite, but when I did she wasn't there. She had left.

(1) Our people have grown frail to our magic and we may only transform to our crow form. We are still recognized to the humans as powerful beings but then that is probably because they are powerless to the creatures of today. It is easy to pick through a human from a Crowling and not because of our transforming but also because of our looks. All Crowling's have white, silver, or black hair and eyes in those colors as well, also as an extra bonus we have the design of a feather etched into each cheekbone. It was said, long ago that we were born from the moon, and the firebirds form the sun. This is supposedly were we got our magic. Hundreds of years ago the Crowling's extent to their power was vast. Now though the Crowlings are like the humans of this world, useless.

(2) Crystals Brook is legendary to my people for one use, water. It's the only source of unfrozen water within one hundred miles in each direction. No one knew nor cared why Crystals Brook remained unfrozen though the tales said that our ancestors cast a spell on it, though reasons why are unknown.